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Tired of Bug splatter on your pristine bike?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by cjvfr, Jun 5, 2015.

  1. Tired of bug splatter on your pristine bike. NASA may have a solution. When a bug hits and its body ruptures the blood starts undergoing some chemical changes to make it stickier, Mia Siochi, senior materials scientist at NASA explains.

    NASA Has A Fix For The Billion-Dollar Problem Of Splattered Bug Guts

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  2. Isn't nature marvelous. It will be interesting to see if these test panels work. Although given that NASA is developing them, I can't imagine the coating will come cheaply.
  3. I judge my rego date by the depth of my bug splatter.
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  4. I judge how close I am to a service by the depth of bug splatter.
  5. I judge how much fun I've had by the depth of bug splatter.
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  6. Hydrophobic coatings are not that uncommon, and there may be simple and cheap ways of applying them.
    Similar stuff is used on painted roofing/walling for anti-microbial properties.
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  7. You could always try Glad Wrap
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  8. I hate glad wrap. I don't understand its behavior.
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  9. Now you tell me :facepalm: