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Tired looking for a tyre

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. I need a new front tyre for the Hornet so the same roundabout begins again; because I have a 16" front wheel I'm severely limited for choice.

    The last one but this one was a BT-014 Bridgestone, I got good grip and good mileage (kilometrage??) but it was replaced by the BT-016 when it came time to replace. Everyone assured me the BT-016 gave better grip AND better mileage, but it's lasted only two thirds of the kays the BT-014 did (and I haven't changed my riding style). I know people are used to even less, but when you get around 11,000 kms out of one tyre and only 8,000 out of its replacement, you DO notice.

    So now it's replacement time again. A trader in my area says he has a GPR200 in that size, but the official Dunlop website doesn't know such a beast exists, unless it's the same as a BTR100 :)?). Either way I have no idea how it compares with the Bridgestone products and no-one on the 'Net seems to know either.

    And I remember when I last replaced the front tyre that Michelin (I think :?) have a 16" tyre too, but now I can't find it, and, again, I have no idea how it was supposed to compare with the Bridgestone.

    I'm not looking for a special deal or anything; I regard tyres as a consumable, but equally I want to get good grip (have to trust your front tyre) and good value for money in terms of how long it lasts.

    I'd value opinions, of course, but also some hard facts.....
  2. Pilot Road 1 - I had them on my bike - 25,000km (including a tour of tassie)
  3. it's the Pilot Road 2 now, and as far as I can see, it's not available in 16" .....
  4. Bloody 'ell, it's not easy to find 16s is it?

    Michelin site doesn't list anything (shame), nor does Pirelli.

    Only thing I could find in a quick search was Continental ConfiForce (130/70 ZR 16), described as 'sports-touring' but I have no further info.
  5. clever people (obviously not me) retro-fit a CBR-600 front end to this model, and get a 17" front wheel.....

    130/70 - 16 M/C 61P TL
    130/90 - 16 M/C 67V TL
    150/70 - 16 M/C 68S TL
    150/80 V 16 M/C (71V) TL

    Pirelli list a Sport Demon in 130/70-16 but as a rear tyre :?
  6. Dunlop qualifiers, I'm happy with them (if they come in your size)
  7. 8000kms out of a BT016 is pretty good IMO. They're more sports than touring, and I'll take grip over durability any day of the week. I like 'em :)
  8. These guys have some 16s Contis - jakewilson.com

    I ordered a set of Mich Power Pures for my SV650, they Fed-Exed it over in 4 days flat!

    And their shipping cost is fixed based on value, not weigh or size eg. US$65 for orders totalling below US$299.
  9. G'day hornet. It's a little difficult to justify changing the front on a financial basis, cost of front tyres, because unless you can do much / all the work yourself, it's not going to be cheap, and throwing a new bridgie on the front every 5,000 even, would probably still be cheaper over the life of the machine...

    On the clutch hand, you can get a significantly better front suspension, much better and wider choice of tyres, better brakes, and your steering head bearings were probably not as good as you thought anyway.

    I've not ridden a hornet with a 16" front, but my instinct and prejudice tell me it'd go better and handle better and feel better and be safer and more sure footed and planted and stable, with a 17" and one of the more recent high end tyres. (Which ... may well cost more, and wear out faster than the 16" ones you now use...) Nothing's ever black and white, is it?
  10. Hornet three of my touring mates wear and swear by the latest German Metzlers Touring range... do these guys make your size?
  11. Some say 'some clever people have money, some say clever people have not.' Who is the most cleverest?
  12. Have been riding around with metzeler m5's for the past month and they are very good tyres. If they have them in 16's as vossy53 said definitely recommended.
  13. http://www.metzeler.com.au/

    If I'm reading the chart correctly the Lasertec and ME 77 are options.
    No opinion - no data - just a link.
  14. Darling think globally more chance of getting a 16 abroad, while your at it buy two and ascertain that they a wrapped in baby blue.
  15. i'm not sure what a 17" front wheel conversion is worth, but it may be something to consider?

    also, the BT016 is not usually a tyre that can get 5000km, let alone 8000km! i got 3500km from my front before the grip went away, and it's down to the wear indicators on the side walls.
  16. I must agree, the 17" conversion would give me a lot more choice. I'm going to pursue it during the Christmas Hols

    In the mean time a local shop had a Sportmax GPR200 in 16", in stock, so I got it, and I'll report how it goes.

    I also got the front wheel bearings and the steering head bearings fixed at the same time, seems to make an agreeable difference to the overall 'feel' of the bike.

    RN, I wouldn't even have the first idea about how or under what circumstances I could buy tyres overseas, or even if OS tyres would be ok with ADRs :?
  17. Tyres are heavy and bulky so would be potentially hellish expensive to ship. I wouldn't see ADR compliance as a major issue though, as long as they're from a major brand and marked with appropriate load and speed ratings (which most tyres from English speaking markets would be). The OEM tyres on the Ural are some weird Russian items, mostly marked in Cyrillic (sp?) and, frankly, not very good, but they still appear to have been deemed OK.