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Tire Pressures with Luggage

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by DrSlug, Dec 25, 2005.

  1. Got a new bag for the back of the across today, heading out for a ride for a few days ( not sure where yet ), just wondering if i should be changing my pressures when having a load on. I only wonder this cause of the difference with having solo or passenger on board makes a huge difference in the pressures written in my manual.

  2. All depends on how much weight your carrying , also you may need to adjust the suspension preload, unless your trying to catch rossie, don't threak out too much over tyre presures. Your bike manual should give you a rough guide, but don't worry about changing things too much, unless your going for a long run. If you adjusted your tyres as much as people suggest for various environments , you'd never get to ride.
  3. Dr ignore the above he rides a sleigh and knows little of the Across!
    With my old Across i ran 42 front and rear solo and loaded, thats with the Arrowmax. Going by others on the twincam forum the lesser Battleaxe also didn't require a pressure change.
    As for the suspension well your rear shock should be on about 6 by now if not load her up then try 6 unless she's new then 5 should be right.
    The main difference weight makes is in breaking and accelerating and sweet frog all elsewhere.
  4. Ah cool, didnt even think of the suspension :p, will read up about adjusting that tomorrow and then trying out a few different settings in the trusty old carpark :D
  5. Especially important to get the tyre pressures right on fast/long rides as if the tyres warm up too much due to under inflation and you fang it for a thousand kays in a day, they'll often wear out unevenly (ie flatspots). Too much pressure can be unsafe too, have to find the right balance.

    I got a dirty big flatspot riding from brissy coz my rear pressure was about 4-5 psi too low for the dead straight 130kph average speed riding for 800kms a day.
  6. You forgot cornering charaicteristics , depending on high or uneven the load is
    I may ride a sleigh , but I know how a bike goes
  7. where talking about Across's where they usually have 30kg of rubbish in there boot, pillion/bags/tank bags dont affect the Across as they do most other bikes.