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tire pressure monitoring system

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by KharmaKazi, May 19, 2016.

  1. Hey guys
    iv'e done a search looking for who's using what but what i came up with was quite old.

    wanting to get a TPMS but not sure what i should get ?
    looking for advise on what people are using please. it will also be on a sportsbike so as small as possible would be good.

  2. There are ones you can get that connect to the garmin zumo gps devices but they GPS's are pretty chunky and it's recommended you have metal stems to fit the sensors on.

    I have seen some guys with small units, about the size of a matchbox, on their bikes that have been bought off ebay. Not sure if these ones need the metal stems but might be worth having a browse on there.
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  3. these ones mate?
    Steelmate TP90 TPMS For Motorbike Motorcycle DIY Tyre Pressure Monitor Sensors

    there are cheaper ones on the bay, same brand coming from China
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  4. Although I would love to have one of these I know the better half would use her go to dig "boys and their toys" :rolleyes:.
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  5. dude just man up (like the rest of us and don't tell her)
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  6. Cheers for the info, now i just need to decide which one TP90 looks a bit more HD though (y)
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  7. Just get a bike like mine, it comes with them. Guess that's not very helpful when you've already got a bike...
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  8. I could have had one of those and actually came very close but the inbuilt tyre pressure monitor wasn't a deal maker/breaker for me but when I saw this topic and found out how inexpensive an aftermarket one was I couldn't resist.
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  9. cool look forward to it...
  10. Or I could have bought three of mine...
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  11. They are handy to have, especially when integrated into the dash. I used to check tyre pressures on my old bike a lot but rarely do now as there is no need.
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  12. My son in law uses the FOBO BIKE on his Harley and is very happy with them. FOBOBikeprofile2.
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  13. Just don't park in dodgy areas. I had one of these type of systems on my old Peugeot Gti. Some junkie decided they wanted my tyre pressure monitors. They also left the computer/display in the car leaving us both with useless items.

    Of course being a Peugeot at the time the door locks didn't work either. I would of preferred if he just opened the door and took the whole lot. At least then some chap at the pawn shop would of had himself a discount tyre monitor.
  14. I don't know why anyone would steal these TPMSs, since they generally are encrypted and will only work with the matching receiver. But then again, those who steal and vandalize bikes are probably no brighter than an earthworm and less useful.
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  15. I had the portable receiver type for about a year.
    Exactly like this
    I recently sold it & bought the Garmin sensors that integrate into the Zumo GPS.

    They both work.

    With the portable receiver, you could have it in a shirt pocket, you could feel it vibrate & if you were going slow enough, hear it when it alerted. Also meant that it wasn't able to be stolen.
    I mostly had it on the handlebar though & unless you can mount it so you can easily see the display, you had to consciously keep looking at it as you usually wouldn't hear it.
    The display was easily visible in sunlight too.

    With the Zumo, you always have it facing you, so if it does alert, you will see it easier.

    If I didn't get the Zumo, I would still be using the portable job.
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  16. that's good to know thanks as this is the one I ordered