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Tire Pressure - GS500

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Zooka, Jan 25, 2007.

  1. Howdy all,

    I have a query regarding tire pressure. Bought an '03 GS500 and been riding around for a week ok, but my tires seem a little flat now. I'm currently running;

    Rear: BT45 130/90 @ 31psi
    Front: BT45 110/70 @ 29psi

    Definately a little low.

    Specs on the swingarm sticker say;

    Rear: 130/70 @ 36psi
    Front: 110/70 @ 33psi

    Specs on the tire say that at max load rear is 42psi and front 41psi at 315kg & 212kg respectively. I'm guessing that's with a heavy passenger onboard.

    Being only 70 odd kg riding single I should stick to the recommendations as per sticker even with the difference in the rear? Or go just slightly more for the rear than recommended?
  2. Pulled into a servo on the way to work and pumped them up to 36 & 33. Feels much better. I'm happy now :) Next job chain clean and lube :(
  3. Yeah the GS's recommended trye pressures dont do it for me i go
    Feels sooo much better and more reponsive, just dont over do it on the front tyre as you still want that contact patch of rubber to help you stop :grin:
    Cleaning your chain, there is a link just discussed further down.
    Otherwise clean chain with kero and toothbrush, nice and shiny :grin:
    and dont forget to lube it up :grin: