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Tire pressure, check your tire pressure!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by tirian, Oct 1, 2009.

  1. Tyre pressure, check your tyre pressure!!

    Still consider myself new to riding, two years into it now. What I learned the other day is that carrying a fancy digital tyre pressure guage in the tail bag doesn't actually keep the tyres inflated at the right pressure!! Remember when we were going for our L's and P's they told us to check tire pressure weekly? Well, I left it 8 months since the last check :(

    Front tire was 22 psi instead of 33, and rear one was 21 instead of 36!

    Learn from my mistake and check your tyre pressures now!

  2. and it would ride like a brand new totally different bike now too!

    If you have a handling problem or the bike just doesn't feel quite right check these FIRST, I have lost count of the number of people who complain of dodgy handling/slow steering etc and then find their tyre pressures are way out
  3. Wow... really wow.
  4. What's a tire?
  5. is the 33 on the front and 36 on the back standard for most tires?
  6. That is the recommendation for solo riding on the guide plate on the side of my GS500 - I couldn't speak for other bikes.

  7. Absolutely - so light and responsive!

  8. Two issues here.
    1. You dont check pressuers often enough.
    2. You should be checking and adjusting them cold not after you have ridden to the servo.

    Get yourself a 12v compressor and do it at home.
  9. $20 push bike foot pump I find offers better accuracy. Most of the time I find I'm only having to add 1-2PSI (depends on weather) at a time - if anything.
  10. Yea i was wondering about this... I have a track pump at home (standup bicycle style). I use that to fill my tires on the Kwaka and always do it cold. Just wondering, if i ever had to do it hot - what kind of change can you expect from hot to cold pressures in terms of psi?

  11. It's bike dependent AFAIK.
    Mine is:
    33/33 (for under 90kg load).
    33/36 (for over 90kg load).
  12. Never checked mine hot but its not hard to do if you're interested. I know they're a hell of a lot harder after a ride.
    FWIW 36/42 recommended on the Bandit but its a big heavy lump carrying a big heavy lump:-$
  13. Re: TYre pressure, check your tYre pressure!!

    tyre tyre tyre
  14. Left glove first?
  15. Re: TYre pressure, check your tYre pressure!!

    Getting tyred of telling people? :rofl:
  16. Re: TYre pressure, check your tYre pressure!!

    +1! As far as I'm aware this IS still Australia, not the USA.
  17. When I got my licence back I rode to the servo, after not having ridden in 6 months or so the bike felt very wierd, felt like it was wallowing in corners and even in the 3 or 4 kms to the servo I could feel a very tangible difference. The front was at 15 psi (!) It felt completely different after I filled it.
  18. Also might be worth getting a pressure gauge if you are pumping at a servo...their gauges aren't the most accurate.

    If they are digital and you pump at the same one, then you can determine how accurate the setting is.

    I over inflate by a couple of PSI, as I have been told by quite a few tyre engineers, that for regular road riding, it makes last a bit longer, although you do trade grip, if you are pushing hard.
  19. Have been getting a weird feeling from my rear tyre so bought a gauge and a pump earlier. The pressures were bang on.

    Bugger, it's something else.