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tips you picked up here that you practice everyday?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by WeeBubba, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. theres a few things that i am now incorporating in my daily riding specifically as a result of reading posts on this brilliant forum. without the forum i wouldnt have known about these things let alone be doing them. i wondered what everybody else was now incorporating specifically after reading advice on here?

    heres the ones i can think of that i do (probaby many more but these spring to mind immediately). maybe you might find them useful!:

    - when i am stopped at lights and see a car coming up behind me in the rear view mirror, i now dab the brake three times to provide an extra warning for the driver that i am there.

    - when i am going along and can see a car in the opposite lane wanting to turn right and would cross my path i sometimes strafe the bike from side to side a bit to provide some extra visual clues to the driver that i am approaching

    - i went out and bought a spine protector and leather pants after seeing photos of gravel rash and read stories about some of the accidents

    - treat all drivers like they are out to kill or maim you (i got told this at the L plate course but this forum has really hammered this message home)

  2. things ive picked up in here and now use in out there is how to be a kuuuunt :)
  3. And here I was thinking it came naturally to you! ;)
  4. On the other hand, the things Goz picked up out there he can't catch twice. ;)
  5. heaps, pretty much just about every facet of my riding, other than things that just come in time and the advice to do a situational awareness commentary on the go about once per week. That came from stay upright on the p's test day.
  6. Practice your ebrakes often! ...and a shit load of other stuff...
  7. Hey Lilley - By the above quote do you mean to do a running commentary on what you observe happening on the roads or nearby as you ride?

    Fun Ha!
  8. both, everything. What cars are doing, what's approaching, what special the pie shop has on, the shape of the clouds. On top of that, seeing it is not enough, also plan your course of action if x happens verbally.
  9. (y)

    Cheers mate I'll give it a go next time I'm out.


    Fun Ha!
  10. Left glove first
  11. I practice tons as well Lilley,

    I had always considered myself to be a very defensive driver (no wisecracks about recent events Pete! haha) being able to watch people reactions and I upped my awareness ten fold when I started riding bikes and now it's becoming second nature. I look for the following when riding:
    - A person checking their driver's mirror = I am about to move without checking my blind spot. I then ease off the accel and move my left thumb to the horn (this happened to me on the Harbour bridge last Friday)
    - Person swaying in the lane = Doesn't know I exist as they're distracted by something. I GTFO of there as they are a danger
    - Blind T intersections with give way signs = slow down cause people rarely slow down properly at give ways
    - Look 4 or 5 cars ahead (instead of the usual 2 or 3) as you're higher on a bike = Visual awareness of dangers coming up and being prepared.

    I also find thinking about what to do when things go bad helps me when they do. eg. Running too hot on a corner (only in my mind), instead of hitting the brake, just relax, get my head up and counter steer through it.

  12. Too many to mention but the first ones that come to mind are:
    headchecks more than the bare minimum
    look where you want to go (and Rob's other stuff from 101 and 102)
    the running commentary thing
    I'm invisible
    the deliberate tip in at the apex
    keep off the rear brake in corners
    dont ride in the blindspots
    ATGATT including ear plugs
    looking for an emergency exit plan at stops
    good posture on the bike - FLUX's tips for making the bike dance
  13. ill try this out. i havent done much talking to myself yet. the only time was once when i got caught in torrential rain and high winds. i was talking to myself then. well actually it was more kinda like praying mixed in with lots of effin and jeffin
  14. I thought I was the only one who did this..but after reading the riding tips..
    In the wet position yourself over the right hand tyre track of the car in front..you are now riding in the freshly squeegeed road,giving you a tad more grip than just the wet road.
  15. Be wary of straying, dangerous road users (drivers smsing/talking on their mobiles, women putting on makeup with both hands!, reckless P plate drivers!!, taxi drivers!!! etc etc), always have an 'escape path' pre-planned, ride at an appropriate speed for the conditions enabling you to make timely, safe decisions and/or manoeuvre where required.
    Don't be shy to voice your 'opinion' (make exhaust 'work' for you) by revving when in close proximity to other road users...AND, assume you are invisible.
    Incorporate this as you see fit, but I am NOT fond of being in Neutral at an intersection, whilst waiting for the lights to change.
    Ride safely folks.
  16. True that, be prepared to make a move,just because you are at the lights never assume that everyone else is going to come to a halt.Keep scanning your mirrors and look around 'read' the traffic.