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Tips when selling your bike.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Noidea, Jul 31, 2015.

  1. Several topics have come up recently where buyers and sellers have disagreed with what is normal or acceptable practice when selling your motorcycle.

    So I thought I would start a post on any tips or tricks you use when disposing of motorcycle's. I'd like to keep this limited to just motorcycles at this stage so please keep it on topic.

    I'm after all suggestions on ways to not only make your bike as presentable as possible but also what to do when meth heads like this turn up at your doorstep wanting a ride
    Suzuki GSXR 1000 2006 - STOLEN


    So here are my few to start things off.

    • Prepare and gather all paperwork as this creates a useful history of the motorcycle.

    • I know this goes without saying but thoroughly wash and clean the bike and perhaps even cover it so that it stays presentable until the next person comes to view the bike.

    • If you have multiple key’s, resist the temptation to place them all on the same key ring.

    • If possible, move the bike out onto the street / driveway away from the where it is stored so that anyone casing the site won’t have a good idea on how the bike is secured.

    • Always… always, always ask for their physical license. Don’t accept their mates or anyone else’s (you’d be surprised what stories they come up with) or let them show it and then take it back. Verify it’s the same person and keep it secured inside the house.

    • Always ask to see a deposit. Assure them that you’re not asking for it but you just want to see that they have it (should be approx. $300+). It’s also a good idea to let them know before they come by saying something like “If you want to take it for a test ride, can you please bring proof that you can leave a deposit” This does two things.

      1: Meth heads don’t carry around this sort of money and once they know you’re not some easy target, they won’t bother turning up and will try elsewhere.

      2: You know that anyone there to look at your bike is serious about buying and not just tyre kicking, joyriding, lowballing, bored or just a douche’.

    • If you’ve already upgraded to your next bike, don’t be afraid to grab your gear and go for a ride with them as extra insurance.
    • Visit you local roads authority (or website if applicable) and get multiple copies of the relevant transfer forms.

    Anyway, I’m sure there's many other tips so please keep them coming as there is a wealth of experience on this forum to share.

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  2. Top tip

    Blame any scrapes from crashes on previous owners
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  3. Sell in Summer?
  4. Don't ride it in the rain.

    Don't race it.

    Have it recently serviced. But obviously no documentation availabile to prove this.

    Be a lady owner.

    Only sell it to buy a house.

    Did I miss any others?
  5. I'm always surprised by those that are selling bikes or cars and haven't washed them. WTF? Mate - a shiny item looks and is worth more than a dirty one just from a mental point of view. So showing a dirty bike means you're not going to get top $ anyway.

    Re this meth-head scumbag f**kwit and his type - I'd suggest you may or may not take a deposit, but ask before they pitch up to view the bike that they bring proof of ownership of the vehicle they arrive in - that way if they do a runner at least you have their vehicle and the registered address as well. And if they rock up in a smoky1989 POS but they're looking at your $20k bike, maybe the alarm bells should go off and they shouldn't be given a ride without substantial deposit.

    Or tell them to bring a mate and he/she has to remain with you when they go for a ride. And have a mate of two of yours handy in case he pulls something dodgy as well lol
  6. Sell in Spring/early Summer, buy in late Autumn/Winter
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