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Tips when picking up new bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by the_blacke, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. You know how it is... just got your learners over the weekend, wander past the shops on Elizabeth St looking for a cheap 250, wander in to ask a question or two ....

    ... wander out having put down a deposit on a brand new GS500, wearing a grin like a cheshire cat ...

    and then stop and wonder "is there anything I should know about picking up a brand new bike from the shop when the time comes to ride this baby home?"

    So what are your best tips on what to do - or not do - when you pick up a bike that has never been ridden (or a bike you'll be riding for the first time, for that matter)?
  2. Collect it mid-morning or mid-afternoon, quietest times on the road.

    Ride away from the shop, turn the corner, stop and take the time
    to learn how to pull away cleanly from a stop.

    Get used to where the levers etc. are.

    Take your time and don't head home until you have the basics, stop and go,
    under control.

    Years ago I dropped my brand new bike at the first traffic lights from the
    shop....bloody new-fangled disc brake things actually worked.....
  3. Hey all! Thx blacke for such a post. Great question! I am also picking up my first bike next Friday and was wondering such things, so again Thx for the post!

    Hawklord cheers also, you have helped me decide to pick my bike up was thinking of getting it delivered to my house as I will have to ride on a few busy roads to get it home. But with your suggestion I think I will be fine if I take me time cheers.

  4. Pray :LOL:
    Have insurance :shock:
    Ride to a quiet street and have a good practice before venturing into much traffic. By your age you should have some road sense but bikes in traffic are very different. :wink:
  5. Lift with your legs, not your back :wink:
  6. Walk the bike to a safe spot then take your time with the controls.
    Don't feel pressured to ride off from the store straight away.
    Pick a suitably quiet time of day.
    Remember, the tyres will not be scrubbed in so don't get over confident.
    Double check everything before riding off. I rode off a new bike with incorrect tyre pressure and a dead speedo...not good.
    Bring rucksack for any paper work and accessories that come with the bike.

    Just my tuppence.
  7. You could always do what I did pick your bike up on a Friday at 5 pm in peak hour traffic all the way across the city.I just wanted the bike for the weekend.

    Plan your route home , the shortest route may not be the best.
    Don't do the trip in one go, pace yourself, take a break have a cuppa and admire your bike.
    most importantly,make sure you stall the bike at the first set of lights get that out of the way and it does get better

    Good luck & have a ball.
  8. just be careful if the bike your picking up is brand new, the tyres wont be worn in as its new so will tend to be pretty slippery so careful on those corners
  9. When I picked up my bike after not riding for 2.5 years, I spent 15 mins riding up and down the car park just to get used to clutch and how the bike delivered power down low.

    This would also be a good idea to get you used to where the pegs are without looking for them and how far you need to put your foot down when you come to a stop.

    Above all just take it easy and go at your own pace and you should be fine.
  10. kick it over on the show room floor, you won't believe the extra hp that will be is released, they also seem to corner faster and harder as well once a bike has been on it's side once and has a small mark/scratch on it.... :LOL:

    congrats on the new bike
  11. I made my deal with home delivery included... then learnt to ride it on my own time in my own neighbourhood carpark. Inexperienced rider riding their bike home from the shop with just the L course as riding experience is crazy imo. i certainly didn't have the confidence or skills to do that. mine was a 30 minute ride distance though so I guess it depends how far the bike shop is.
  12. Yeah I asked a friend to ride my Baby Ninja home when I was on my L's! heheh!
  13. When I picked up my bike from Elizabeth street it was raining. I had never ridden a bike on the road *cough* and a first in the rain. Got home and went straight back out again. Call me mad, but I think the best way to learn is get out there asap. Putting it off causes more angst IMHO.

    Grats btw.
  14. A very good idea, not everyone has access to someone they trust to do this but its in safer hands with someone experienced, and not someone with almost no experience and the additional stress of a NEW toy, then you can play with it at your home where you feel safer and more confident.
  15. Check everything on the bike for dents and scratches. If you find them after it has left the showroom your chances of arguing that they came with the bike (and getting the bike shop to repair them), rather than you put them on, are pretty low.

    Garry from Oz.
  16. Nice choice of bike, Blacke! very rider friendly with heaps of go for later as you gain experience.

    I agree with the others: just take your time, get used to the controls & have a practice before u pull out into traffic.
    When u ARE in traffic, leave nice big gaps from the vehicle in front, pull out from intersections / roundabouts / traffic lights etc when YOU'RE ready, not when you think the car behind might be getting impatient :grin:

    Most of all, enjoy yr new bike! Congrats!
  17. I would have got a friend to ride mine home for me but it was just a quick 10 minute crawl down the left lane of the freeway to home :p

    I did it later at night with very little traffic and had my brother drive behind me in the cage to keep others off my tail.

    First thing the next morning I was up and practicing for 3 hours solid... Including a ride to show off my new toy to the girl friend :p

    I don't think I would've had the balls to ride home from the city with only L's course experience.

    I'll quit happily ride a friend's bike home for them now though :)
  18. He means Boy Friend. :p
  19. Blacke,

    Well did you pick it up yet? how did it go???

    Where are the pics? :wink:

  20. if it pisses down on the day you are due to pick up your bike either wait an extra day or just wait for it to clear and the roads to get a bit dry before taking off (new tyres are slippery suckers)