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Tips to Setup Rearsets or Body Position?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Shldze, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. **Sorry, i moved this from New Riders and Riding Tips to here, thinking that this is better suited area.**

    As the Title says, I’m in a bit of a pickle!
    The Bike is a 08 gsxr750, and I’m 176cm . I have shorter legs than the torso, but I wouldn’t say by heaps. :S

    Anyway, my problem is that when I’m riding, whether its up front, center or right at the back, my knees (legs) can’t get a good grip of the tank while cornering. I purchased a techspec tank gripper to see what would happen. Nothing, my knees actually miss the tank itself, my knees are below the tank and touching the frame and nearly the fairing. Therefore the grips are useless!

    I’ve riden other bikes e.g 08 cbr1000 and I’m fine, like its real comfortable.

    So should I adjust my rearsets (stock) so they sit up higher? Will this effect center of gravity?
    I'm pretty sure you can adjust the standard ones...
    or Cut my tank gripper and place it lower (on the frame?)
    or man up?

    Opinions would be greatly appreciated.
    And yes I’ve used the Motorcycle Ergo site – Doesn’t show the true position.
  2. I think on the stock rearsets, in addition to the adj holes, you can flip the piece that bolts to the frame and it gives you ~1-2cm more height as it is offset.
  3. Put the grips on the frame.
  4. Adjust your rear sets, have someone with you and sit on the bike lift your legs into position and get your assistant to mark( piece of tape) where your feet hang then adjust your rearsets, if they don't adjust far enough new rearsets or get thicker soles on your boots:) jk on the last bit
  5. Thanks boys!
    Had a (normal sized) mate jump on and he had the same problem with the knees.
    maybe its the general posture of the bike?
    anyway adjusted the rearsets to the highest-back position and has slightly fixed the problem.
    Might try @RichiB techinque and try swap the Brackets over and see what happens.