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Tips to remove minor scratches from visor?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Lazy Libran, May 23, 2011.

  1. Rode home in the fine Melbourne weather this evening and like an idiot used an old t-shirt lying in the garage (which had been previously used to wipe the bike) to quickly dry the helmet and visor.

    A little later when using a proper micro fiber cloth to clean the visor (which I normally do after every ride), I noticed some scratches (F*#@#@).

    Yes, I know - not a smart move but I was totally drenched then and made that stupid mistake without thinking.

    Any tips/suggestions to 'fix' this? I've got a Shoei TZ-X and its just a month old. Aren't the visors supposed to be scratch resistant?
  2. try plexus. the wax in it can fill scratches.
  3. twistngo, some more info please? Which Plexus product? And where to get it from?

    The Shoei website says to clean the visor with a neutral cleaning agent so ....
  4. Ultimately, there's no real fix. When the number and severity of the scratches gets out of hand, replace the visor. When you get a load of how much a new one costs, you may want to ask the shop about tear-offs and transparencies. When you get over how much that costs, you'll be very careful about how you clean your visors.
  5. this stuff. its a plastic polish. most bike shops sell it.
    but as kneedragon said there is no real fix and plexus may not work.
    its good for any plastic so its not a waste if it doesn't work.
  6. get a half face, no such thing as visors :)
  7. Visors get scratched. Life continues.

    Other than cosmetic, there is no difference. If they are substantial enough to notice with your helmet on, your eyes will adjust to them within a minute (seconds really) and you won't notice them any more. It's just as likely that you won't be able to notice them even in the first few seconds of wearing the helmet. Not at all worth the price of a new one. If you doubt me, have a look at the glasses of someone who wears them permanently. They will be typically filthy, though the person wearing them doesn't even notice (until they clean them).