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Tips on selling a bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by noobie_rider, May 15, 2007.

  1. Hey fellas,

    I'm planning on selling my Honda CBR250R. I've never sold anything with any type of value, so i'm a little concerned about how to sell my bike. Does anyone have any tips? i.e. RWC, Receipt, Test Riding, RTA documents, Payments ect.

    Previous links to forums would be help.

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  3. a clean bike goes a long way to make a good impression
  4. Make sure there's no money owing on it.

    Advertise it on Netrider for free... or bikepoint.com.au if you want to pay something.
    Have photo's of the bike in your advertisement. No-one buys a bike without seeing photo's first.

    Agree with anyone what they're paying if they crash it on a test ride.

    Accept cash/bank cheque only for payment.

    Be honest with the buyer about how much fuel is in the tank before they ride away and get stranded somewhere :grin:
  5. Hey there,

    Depending on which state your in (im assuming Vic). First you have two options. 1) sell with rego or 2) sell without. You will need to cancel yours if you choose the later.
    You will need to provide a RWC (about $80) for most buyers, and always, always, always write up a sales / invoice for the sale (and deposit before hand). Make sure you include details of the sale (eg, VIN, Eng # and kilometers), with licence numbers and addresses of each party. You can also include dot points on this such as you declare no finance on the bike and that once signed, the buyer and seller have fully agreed to terms and conditions of the sale.
    Keep a copy for yourself and one for the buyer. This gives you a layer of legal protection.

    If selling with rego, you need to grab a transfer of registration form from vicroads (or your state transport agency). Fill this in and keep a copy.

    Very important make sure you put the sale time & date and sign it. This prevents you from being fined for speeding or redlight camera infringement notices.

    As for test rides, no for learners (insurance) unless they leave a deposit = the value of the bike :p . Other ok with copy of thier licence details and get them to sign in a time out and in for the ride (again for legal). Also get them to leave a deposit for a test ride (makes sure that they are serious).

    Might sound a bit excessive, but will protect you!!

    Hope this helps!
  6. Sell it with rego, that means you need to sell it with a rwc, get it professionally serviced just before selling it and get a receipt, do not be reluctant to let people test ride your motorbike, say its a conditional yes straight away, people find reluctance a sign that you are hiding something. Be firm with your price, and most of all be honest.

    At an unnamed honda dealer in townsville, i was talking to a salesman about a honda cbr250r, they had it advertised as an rr, and for $7470, a 2004 model. I told him that they stopped making them many years ago (iirc the aus delivered were RR's), and it wasn't an rr model, it was only an r model, and that 60000kms was a bit much in 3 years, for something that is IMO slightly uncomfortable for longer then 10 mins. The bike also had a rough paint job. I told him he wasn't going to sell it for more then $3000. He made me an offer of $6000. I walked away, he didn't know what he was talking about.

    If at the first sign your potential customer shows he does know what hes talking about, don't try to treat him like an idiot, people hate that so much. If you stick a pic up here, im sure we can give you a reasonable expecting price for it, if its in good condition, $4000-$5000 may be reasonable for a cbr250r.

  7. But FFS move it away from the wet patches and dry the bike before you take the photo. And don't move it into a spot where there is a big oil patch.

    And lastly, since the bike will be nice and shiney wear clothes when you take the pic - just in case...
  8. sell it on ebay. i prefer the buy it now and make an offer auctions

    bike point and netrider classifieds are not worth much. same goes for most other sites
    bikepoint adds are stale.

    make them leave some insurance if they are going to test ride it. otherwise they can watch you rev it / ride it.

    Beware most people will just waste ur time and tell u your bike is crap and is worth shiet all
  9. before they come to inspect it, make sure the engines warm so that it starts quickly and idles smooth.
  10. But don't be surprised if they wait for it to cool so they can start it from cold, as you should do when buying :grin:
  11. As a buyer looking for a particular bike, I would be a bit wary of ebay. Might be just reflective of my lack of confidence in ebay but in the past i've bought 2 bikes off and sold 1 on bikesales. Its very easy to use(both selling and browsing) and costs $20 for the ad for as long as it takes to sell the darn thing.

    Definately get RWC beforehand, as pro-pilot said about $80 if theres no major issues. Bikes with RWC and rego are immediately attractive to a buyer and it makes the whole transaction easier. Just fill out transfer papers, keep a copy and hand one with RWC to buyer, write out a reciept for both parties, get the dosh, offload bike and its done. Its the buyers responsibility to then hand in transfers to vic roads(or other roads authority). Otherwise it becomes a bit messy when the buyer is to provide RWC.
  12. They'll be waiting a while, get them to give u a time. warm it up 10 or 15 mins before they get there.

    Then if they can wait half an hr it'll still be warm..... but if they keen and wait for an hour...... still b ok.
  13. yeah +1 on keeping the transfer papers after the sale.

    I sold my R6 and then when i went to transfer my new bike and my personalised plates i found out that the old bike was still in my name. A couple weeks later i got a speeding fine - 74km's in a 60 zone.

    I frantically ran around trying to find the transfer papers and what do you know, the new owner copped a speeding fine 30mins after he picked it up. So i sent in a copy of the trasfer papers and the fine was removed.
  14. Thanks heaps guys .... i'll take all of your thoughts into account when i sell the CBR250 R.

    I've always thought it was the sellers responsibility to send the "change of ownership form" to vicroads. Does it really matter who does it? As long as it gets done ......

    I'd like to sell it ('89 grey import) for ~$4500 ono .... does that sound reasonable to you guys?

  15. $4500 for a 17/18 year old bike...hahahahahahahahahahah
    has it been re-build from ground up
  16. 4500 is tad rich for a mc19
    U should get 3000-3500 minimum if its in good condition.

    havin seid that numnuts still pay 7000 for a new grey imports so u might get lucky
  17. Thats pretty much there market value right now Between $3500 - $5000.

    Some dealers even sell for $6000 (but i reckon that's BS).

    Depends on Ks