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Tips on removing tank pad ?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by paulm_collins, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. Hey all !

    Just bought a new Triumph tank pad and wondered if anyone had any tips on removing the old one.
    The old tank pad is just a rubbery plastic generic one.

    Is it just a case of sponging with hot water and gently removing ?
    Any other suggestions ?
  2. Gentle use of hairdryer, and slowly peel using Metho to assist in dissolving the glue.
    Worked for me recently when i had to remove old one to fit my GCC carbon one
  3. I recently changed mine,was going to use a Hairdryer to heat it up but after a nice ride the bike was a bit warm and i ended up just peeling it off no problems, if theres any glue left use eucyluptus oil (no idea how u spell it)
  4. That citrus goo remover is good as well (orange or lemon or something like that), from the supermarket.
  5. Glad u said gentle. What a cocktail for disaster. Petrol tank + Metho + hairdryer = :shock: :eek:hno:

  6. lol. i dont think the fuel cap needs to be open, so theres not gonna be any petrol vapour. and pigs a*se a hairdryer is gonna light metho, unless its a huge salon deathray style hairdryer, and u hold it right against the tank, pouring metho into the fan INTAKE.

    if u can light metho by blowin it with a hairdryer, tell me why your hair doesnt ignite when you use one?
  7. I always use acetone to dissolve that sticker goo, I've never had it damage paint.
  8. Zoff Universal Adhesive Remover. I don't know if it's available in stores but hospitals have it to remove adhesive tapes pain free. This stuff is amazing, I was dumbfounded by it. If you can't get it at a shop, try begging and pleading at your local hospital. Or start dating a nurse. :wink:
  9. :eek: You wash your hair with metho !?! :shock:

  10. You don't?! Get with the times man!!!!

  11. Thanks for all the tips guys !

    Waiting til the weekend to do this so will let you know how i go !
  12. Just peel it off and use wax and grease remover and your all done...it's a piece of cake :)
  13. Thanks all for your advice.

    Did this on Saturday and all went well.

    Removed the old one easily, used WD40 to remove all the sticky bits on the tank.
    Then used some spray adhesive to fix the carbon fibre tank pad in place.

    Very, very easy !! :)