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Tips on how to not piss off the neighbours when having a party in an apartment block

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ad91on, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. discuss.

    Will be having around 30 people in my 1 bedroom place in a block of 6 units.

    I will be sticking to council restrictions regarding noise, anything else i can do to control damage?

    I am informing the neighbours already but just wondering if anyone had any sage words of wisdom on the topic.
  2. Invite said neighbours (specially if their hot) so they can't complain about it
  3. make a Facebook events page and invite your guests that way, show your neighbours the facebook link and tell them its under control
  4. Yeah, invite everyone on Netrider with loud pipes.
  5. Turn the bass on your stereo down and ask your mates to leave quietly is about it.
  6. I have invited them, unfortunately to my knowledge (new to the block) none of them are hot.

    My thoughts were to pull a Jess Cooper and invite 200,000 of my closest friends. Unfortunately, most of my 200,000 friends aren't compact enough to be able to fit all 200,000 in my apartment.


    Yes that came to mind when i was writing the letter... i hope i don't have any sociopaths in my building.

    A sound piece of advice which shall be listened to. Once out the door, my mates are not my problem as far as i'm concerned. The cities problem once they're out the door!
  7. i would of said

    RSL/Bowls club -> K go.
  8. not too much alco but lots of food, this should sort out those that cant handle alco.
  9. I just made sure last time I done that (in teh uk) that the neighbours were invited... and the ones that werent gonna come I bought beer/booze for anyway, seemed to work a treat. Most people dont complain if they get free booze and plenty of warning.
  10. I am never coming to a party at your house.
    Not even if it's a nude party.
    OK, maybe if it's a nude party - what kinda food you serving?
  11. Be there at 8...