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Tips needed for buying a used bike.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by MotorBoat_MyGoat, May 27, 2013.

  1. Herro,

    I am finally going to buy a motorbike (LAMS) after all these years of dreaming! I was going to wait until I had a full license although after riding my dream bike (R6) I concluded it was indeed a very very very very (etc..) silly idea. I am going to buy an old school 250 (most likely a cbr250rr) because that was the first bike i started riding on the road, it's cheap, good resale value and i love the rev-range.
    However, I have never brought a vehicle, or a used one for that matter. I am sure this a nubcake question, but I would rather ask it than end up buying a toaster by accident. Ofcourse i am going to ask questions about the engine and how it was maintained for, but that individual will probably lie through their teeth and grin as they remember attempting to do a wheelie and stacking into a bush.
    What am I really looking for? Is there any real way of inspecting a bike thoroughly without paying $250 for a bloke to come and check it? I am fairly competent on working on bikes, but buying one is completely new to me.
    My original plan was to inspect the fairings/tank for any signs of damage, then move on to the dials and make sure they all work fine. Then check things like the kickstand/seat, ask him/her to start it up and possibly take it for a test ride.

    I'd like to hear some thoughts/stories by you all, cheers!
  2. There's a guide in the articles section.
  3. My bad, i'll check it out. Should i delete the post?
  4. Yeah follow the above and...

    With old bikes (over 7 years), you buy the owner not the bike. If the owner is flakey and doesn't know much about what has gone wrong with it and thinks it is perfect (which is nearly impossible on an old bike) then I would walk away. If they are honest about the good and the bad, I would buy it.

    Asking a question like "is there anything wrong with the bike that you haven't mentioned yet" is often very interesting, most people aren't good liars when put on the spot.

    I have bought/not bought a lot of bikes on vibes that I got from the seller.
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  5. FMD, good advice VC.
  6. Thanks mate, I had a chat to a guy today, it was fine except for the front rim which was slightly bent: I asked him how it happened and he blabbered on about being hit by a car and stuttered alot. Walked away he probably thrashed the thing doing wheelies haha.
  7. Honestly the CBR250 is so hard to wheelie, I doubt it was that. You can bend rims on potholes if you are not careful.

    But it looks like you have got what I mean about buying the seller not the bike. You can tell who is a moron who isn't going to take care and is trying to hide things.