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Tips for Trailers

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by stigger, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. My bikes going to the mechs tomorrow, and although I've looked no one in my area appears to have a motorcycle trailer so I'm planning on using a 8x5 cage trailer.

    2 questions

    Is it big enough, and any tips on how to strap the thing down.

    I have at least 4 straps and am paranoid....
  2. Proper tiedown straps? Easy as pie. I've done it with ropes.

    Easiest way is to nose the front wheel into the left corner (or centre, it doesn't matter much) and put the bike on the sidestand. run a strap from a fixed point at the corner of the trailer up and attach it to the handlebars or the triple clamps. you can loop it through and attach back to the same point on the trailer if it's long enough.

    Do this on the left first, and pull it down tightish. Then do the same on the right.

    Now the fun bit - get somebody real heavy to stand on the pegs of the bike leaning over the front of the bike, holding the brake on and pumping down so the forks compress. As they do, you tighten the tiedowns. Do both sides until the forks are heavily compressed and are staying there against the ratchets.

    If the back wheel lifts off the deck you've probably gone a bit too far. You can plonk another strap ver the seat if you like to keep the rear wheel steady but it's only the front that really matters, they're very secure once those forks are compressed.

    This method works fine for bikes with or without sidestands. Have fun, and try to pick smooth roads on the way home - not because the bike will fall off, but because you'll stress more.
  3. If it can't move - it's tied in well.
    You should be able to push forwards, backwards, down, lift, & side-to-side without the bike moving, if you've tied it in well.

    This is pretty much the standard for moving anything you want to keep in a trailer/ute.
  4. OR one tie down and one rope :grin:

    Hi Loz,

    Take it you got the bike home on the trailer OK? Strapping it down while pissing down with rain at night on a main road, and cars coming up yr a** is something I'll hold off doing again for awhile :eek:

    P.S The beers are gone, hope you got the bike to start.
  5. Thanks to all for the advice. I managed to find a bike trailer in the end, and after straping it all down I wended (or is that went) my merry way to Newcastle Suzuki, with only my paranoia to keep me company.

    Nothing came off and I am well on my way to spending a fortune to fix a dropped valve...

    Once again thanks for the advice