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Tips for the MOST provisional test

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Tomcatalex, Dec 21, 2007.

  1. Just did this test at HART, like to give a few tips/hints to pass.

    1 Don’t forget the head checks, saw 1 guy in our group fail from this, he did everything perfect, just forgot the checks and failed

    2 The left turn, don’t brake, go slow enough to balance and snail pace it to the box, very easy test

    3 Cone weave is easy just maintain slow steady speed don’t brake use clutch instead, the cones are far apart and you don’t fail unless you hit 3

    4 the u turn box is so large its easy, again don’t brake just maintain slow balanced speed using clutch

    5 brake tests are easy enough if you’re brakes are good, if not hire a new bike, I did. Go well above the speed as stop distance is adjusted for speed. Less than 20 kph 2 xs is instant fail

    6 The only test to worry about is the last one, the obstacle turn. Did mine at perfect at an indicated 21 kph, was told I did 19 kph; one chance left pass or fail. I had to be well over 20 this time so pushed it to around 30 kph, at higher speed its slightly harder to cut round the cones and balls, I missed the half tennis balls by millimeters.

    7 Check the weather in advance if you want a sunny day; they do the test in storms and all.

    I passed with 0 points Im over 30 so full licence no p's. So Hayabusa for me? nah . will stick with my 250, cheaper rego/insurance for under 300cc bikes in NSW

    Good luck
  2. Good tips, apart from the not braking during cone weave and uturn sections. Back brake can be very useful during these sections.