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Tips for Riding with Boots?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by warney, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Finally got my boots! Thanks Sharptune for the good price and good delivery (Stupid Aus Post took 1 1/2 weeks to deliver a parcel from metro Melb to metro Syd)

    I find it difficult to shift gears etc, and feel I may break that actual lever cause I am pushing that hard. Also the boot doesn't have alot of flex, which I can only think is a good thing.

    If you have any tips I would love to hear them

  2. You'll get used to it mate, just practice lots :wink:

    Good excuse to get out & ride!
  3. Cheeky Monkey Boots?

    Next time you go for a ride, get him drunk and find out what he an Dora really get up to in the jungle.
  4. Few rides will fix it. Everything is about experience :)
  5. You just have to get used to the feeling of it. Swivel your foot rather than just tilting your foot.

    Just the same as riding in gloves vs bare knuckled. You get used to it.
  6. Just hold them in with a tight leather jacket. :wink:

    Oh wait... BOOTS!....sorry. :grin:

    Yeap that post actually just reminded me that I had difficulty when I firsth got my riding boots and despite what people said I didn't think it would be easy to get used to. But then...I guess it just wasn't an issue. Without even noticing, you just get used to it. Happy days! :woot:
  7. As most have said, you'll get used to em. Might pay, however, to make a slight adjustment to your levers etc..
  8. + 1 to all said here and....

    You might notice your shifting gets better. When i started on boots i noticed that i was half shifting alot less because i wouldn't have as much feeling and would give the shift a much more solid push.

    Worked out well... i never ride without boots these days. :grin:

    and the sidi's copped a good hit last friday! :LOL: Whole right hand side is scratched up to look nice and healthy. :LOL:
  9. the more you wear them the softer the leather gets and they become more comfortable and easier to use. wore mine around the house for a while to help the process. even just sitting there wearing them watching tv seems to help.
  10. As everyone has said you will get used to them. Mine are fairly tight so I have to wear a thicker sock on my left foot than what is on my right. Having two thin socks I found my left foot moved around too much.

    All that said, I prefer the boots to normal shoes, I find I use the stiffness of the boot as a leaver, works a treat. I guess they are partly designed to do that.
  11. I'm having this problem too at the moment. thought it was just gumby me. feel a bit better lol
    Looked like a total tool my first commute (or two!) with them on cause I just can't feel where my foot is in relation to the gear lever. still not a natural feeling but it sounds like that'll come. gosh i hope so - soon!!!

    But I do like the extra inch it gives me (being somewhat vertically challenged)...
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  13. Ajdust your gear lever one or two teeth. Should help esspecially if you were riding in sneakers before.
    Changing boots is always a problem for me too, even when I replaced RJays Terrain with RJays Edge it took me couple of days to get used to. I have tried to adjust gear lever but looks like eventually put it back to the position where it was for Terrain.
  14. when i first wore boot, i couldnt shift up properly. there wasnt enough space. so i had to adjust the gear shifty thing to make more space between the shifter and the peg.

    problem solved. however i failed to tighten it properly and the linkage rod came off while i was at the spurs. Nope i didnt crash. but i had to ride to ringwood in third gear to a wrecker to get a linkage rod.

    ***paddle paddle, rev the shit out of the bike, slowly release the clutch, splatter splatter, stall!!!****
  15. After getting the TCX Infinities i found that the boot would press slightly on the lever so changing up more than one gear in quick succession left me failing to change after the first shift.

    I had previously lowered my lever so my large feet could comfortable shift with the bmw sneakerII's, so i recently re-raised it quite a bit and it works brilliantly.

    soon the toe area of the TCXs will flatten out a bit and i may have to bump the lever down a touch again. its easy to adjust.