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Tips for riding wisemans ferry to wollombi (update I'm back)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by chickibabe, Sep 27, 2006.

  1. Hi there everyone,
    As I am a learner, is there any tips for riding this road, I'm a little nerves about it, but looking forward to it at the same time. This is the first stage of our weekend ride to the upper hunter then back down the putty from singleton on sunday. I've travelled the putty alot in a car, but on a bike I know it will be totally different. So any surggestions would be great. This ride will be getting me ready for the careflight ride. Or mentally prepered for it.

    Thanks Lou

  2. My only advise would be that you can usually take the corners at the suggested speed times two. So if this is your first time on this road just knock it back a bit/a gear and learn the road first time round. Also particullarly look out for gravel or loose road surfaces in places. But then again thats just normal riding and common sence. :)
  3. I always say " never commit 100% into a corner" .... if something happens you WILL need a bit in reserve!!!! That is, once you have a good feel for the bike, NEVER go as fast as you think you can ANYWHERE, as this will leave you with NO way out, should something happen!!

    Its not really how fast you go, its how hard you are pushing yourself AND the bike.

    Oh, dont forget to take in the scenery, thats gods country out there!!!

  4. thanks guys, I always take the scenery in, where my hubby has a sports bikes and likes to go for it, if you get what I mean, and the other thing that worries me is getting on that bloody ferry, I just don't want to drop my new bike. lol
    Cheers Lou
  5. thanks guys, I always take the scenery in, where my hubby has a sports bikes and likes to go for it, if you get what I mean, and the other thing that worries me is getting on that bloody ferry, I just don't want to drop my new bike. lol
    Cheers Lou
  6. mmmm I agree with you on the ferry thing, up here there is an old ferry at Buladelah that I used once, BIG TIP: if the ramps on the ferry are wet METAL, it WILL be SLIPPERY, and watch out for grooves in the road/ramps. When i crossed i nearly dropped it from hitting the ramp slow and accelerating a little to go onto the ferry when the back tyre started spining out of cotrol and when i grabbed the front brake i skidded backwards for a foot or so!! If your bike is not heavy and the ramp is not to steep, I would almost recommend pushing it up! NEVER think about what could happen, only think about what you WANT to happen. Its a bit like the learners course ..... " dont look at the obstacle, look at your path around it. The bike goes where you look!!"

  7. Ferrys at Wisemans are no prob there is a bit of a bump gettin on and off but otherwise you will have no probs. If ya do you probably shouldnt be riding a bike.
    I mean that in a nice way.

    Just be careful once you are on the ferry and throwing a leg down because sometimes the surface is a tad slippery.
    It takes next to no time to cross so ya just turn the bike off and stay on it for the ride. They tend to let bikes get up front and let you off first. SO ya can take it at what ever speed you want.

    As for the ride in general.
    Ride at YOUR pace and no-one elses.
    Remember you will be on roads you dont know and as you have already said you have little experience, so take your time and just enjoy the experience.

    Nothing can ruin a nice ride like pushing harder than you want to just to keep up with someone else.
    Its stressful and downright scarey at times.

    Be safe above all else
  8. ok, many of the corners do not have marked speeds..

    so if you rely on that alone you will be in the wilderness.

    but aside from that you should have a nice, bumpy run along wisemans ferry road.

    turn left at the stop sign :) to head up to wollombi
  9. Thanks again guy's so has the moss gone from the road yet, I plan on taking it easy as I don't know the road and I'm still getting in the groove with the gs. lol Should be a good weekend then come back sunday and head off to the nrl grand final. So i will be very stuffed.
    Cheers Lou
  10. kind of silly to ask for riding tips for a particular road - if you can't see through a corner, why would you take someone else's advice you've never met and keep barreling through without slowing down?

    My only comment applies to many places all over the world - much of the tarred road from wisemans is shaded and even in warm weather isn't dry for a long time in the mornings (the GOR is the same). There can be moss and other nice slippery grasses and things growing on the road that aren't cleaned by cars. Many people out there have dirt/gravel driveways and cross streets as well, so you should be aware that there might be gravel across the road around that next corner.

    Enjoy the ride, take it easy and don't try to keep up with your mates and see if you can spare a second or two here and there to admire the scenery.
  11. Thats a good point and sorry for not thinking of it. There are quite a few hidden driveways along the way, so keep an eye out.
    There also seems to be a lot of guys on racing push bikes up that way too. So make sure you give yourself some space coming around blind corners going left just incase a few of them are just up ahead.

    Oh and the odd Truck now and then. I guess the usual safety concepts all apply here.

    A mate of mine I went up with lat time Rourkster recommends looking out for a goat too. I never saw it. Think he could be making it up ;)
    Seems it stands up on this big boulder out the front of a house. He seems to think it isnt tethered either . Since it still stand Id say it knows to stay off the road. Never can be too carful though.
  12. Lol i love these comments on the ferries!
    Only because i cross the sackville ferry bout 10 times a week on my usual commute to work and back. Theyre a pain but dead easy really just dont try to rush getting on board, getting off is a lot easier. And yeah if its wet be VERY carefull!! But even if its sunny out watch out if the ferry driver is an arse and submerges the the embark/disembarking ramps in the river before hitting land watch for that too.

    Went on my first ride up to wollombi not long ago (with netriders) and was on my L's, the trip was so damn fantastic speed wasnt an issue for me even if you just cruise on up there and youll have the time of your life.
  13. My only advice is as you are a learner you should be bloody catious on ANY road you do not know and take it easy on EVERY corner.

    If you have no idea what the corner is like..is it a blind corner, a tight corner, a short curve etc etc.
    Then do what the bloody speed advisory signs suggests.
    They dont put them there for laughs for you know.
    Riders have accidents on the Wisemans area roads all the time.
    Normally because they are going too fast and dont have the skill to correct their bikes when things go wrong.
    The advisory signs are often posted for a lower speed than is really required, but going to slow for a corner is a lot better than going too fast for it. Few riders have had accidents because they were going too slowly.
    Whereas riders who were going too fast.... :cool:
  14. That goat was real, and it was a big horny bugger! Kinda reminds me of someone...anway - said goat resides about 5km from the ferry on the Spencer side and he scared the bejaysus out of me when he took off from the side of the road and up the large boulder near the driveway. Almost scared me as much as the fox feasting on the wombat carcass in the middle of Putty Rd or the huge roo that darted across in front of me later in that particular adventure.
    Enjoy Wisemans and Wollombi. Same advice from me - YOU choose YOUR speed, and if your riding buddies can't handle that then choose new ones. :)
  15. Well guy's and gals I'm back in one piece :grin: . I've just had the time of my life i think and I'm stuffed at the same time. Well we left sydney friday afternoon went up to wiseman ferry than across to newcastle stayed at newy for the night then onto the upper hunter stay there over night then meet up with inlaws for the ride back home, down to wollimbi, wisemans ferry, then home. Quick charge then off to the the grand final, GO BRONCO'S, then today went up bells line to see inlaw off.
    Well the trip went great, once I got into the groove of things I really enjoyed it, alittle bit hairy on the freeway for the 5 kms that we had to travel on it.
    I just wanted to say thanks for all the advise and just to let you know how I went. Well m.o.s.t. test next week so the rest of the week will be out there practising that bl##dy uturn.
    Oh and I was shocked at how many bike riders do the nood at you, It put a grin on my face everytime :grin: :grin:

    Cheers Lou
  16. Bloody squids going around nood :squid:

    Sounds like you had fun. :grin:
  17. and I went great with the ferry, coming back home the bugger of a thing was wet but did it not a problem. We decided not to do the putty as it being a long week and school holidays there is always alot of caravan's on the putty. Maybe next time
    Cheers Lou
  18. Glad you enjoyed it some nice country up that way.
    It gets better as you get more confident.

    Good luck