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Tips For Riding On Tram Tracks!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Neo_nick, May 13, 2007.

  1. Hey Guys & Gals,
    went for a bit for a squirt this arvo and ended up heading back home thru camberwell etc.
    Just wanted some advice on how to ride on tram tracks
    i tried toc ross them as little as possible when i am riding in the same direction they are heading.
    Just had to do a couple of lane changes and just wanted advice on what teh best way to cross them is!

  2. as 90 degree as you can
  3. Take the tyres off, and the U shape of teh rims will keep you on them nicely!
    Not too much traffic to worry about either. :shock:

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. Dont.

    You should avoid them all the time.

    If you *have* to cross them try and do it at 90 degrees. If you cant, be smooth and gentle in your movements.
  5. Yeah i know your meant to cross at 90 degreese but iwas riding along with them and had to cross them a couple of times to get around cars.

    Just wondered if you were meant to pull clutch in to remove engine power, dont accelerate etc
  6. No sudden movements, no sudden braking or acceleration. Just take it steady and smooth and you'll be right.
  7. Sweet - Bascially what i thought - just wanted to be sure i was doing the right thing!
  8. Why are people so scared of tram tracks???

    This is the most usfull advice so far in this thread.
    Crossing tracks at 90 Degrees is fine.
    There is a trick for crossing them when parallel (Lane changes across them) It's when they are at 45 degrees that it is a real scare. (But you only face that when the tracks are turning.

    To cross parallel, you ride close along side then lean your weight across then and pull the bike across under you. (I advise practicing this in the dry before trying in the wet)

    But a ramjet has stated above. No sudden changes, no sudden breaking or accelerating and you should be able to get the hang of them
  9. Even though you are riding parrallel to the tram tracks, you still want to try and cross them at an angle....as much as possible. NO careful/slow diverging...make a defined move.

    Hold the throttle steady, keep your arms and hands relaxed on the bars.
    Note...from my experience, it is worse to throttle off while crossing, but in either case, the bike could still move underneath you - so be ready for it.
    In winter time or when it's raining, the older track depressions collect ALOT of water, so be especially careful then...
  10. Perfect. +1 :)
  11. In addition to what everyone else has said.

    Know that they are there and need to be negotiated, but don't be scared of them. Otherwise you'll tense up, which not ideal for bike control.

    If its dry most of the time I don't really worry about it other than making sure I'm not riding on them.

    If its wet, I do my best to take alternative routes, but if i have to cross them I do what everyone else has said.

    Good luck.