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Tips for riding in Windy conditions

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Scottatron, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. Hello All,

    Does anyone have any good tips/pointers regarding riding in windy conditions? Yesterday was a shocker of a day in Melbourne, and I found it very difficult to ride with the wind.

    I ride a GPX, and I am not a featherweight (95kgs), yet I found myself being blown around.

    Thanks All :)
  2. i had the sameproblem on the SPADA...... it was worse on the highway though....

    did most of the trip on about a 70 degree lean.... guess thats ne way to get rid of chicken strips :LOL:

    i found if i slowed down o got blown sideways more while going faster meant the gusts were more sudden and had bigger effects...... i ended up "hiding" beside a truck for a while.... made sure he knew i was there though.:)
  3. Slow down, keep the shoulders and arms relaxed , grip the tank with your knees, this allows you to make corrections quicky, and move to the side of your lane the wind is coming from. If you are being blown out of your lane, then slow down even more.
  4. thanks for this..... had sort of worked this out after a while.

    i guess the slower you are going the more grip the bike has withthe ground.

    Strong gusts are are scary though
  5. The slower you go gives you more time to make a correction.

    Gusts are scary when not expecting them.
    An ex-TOG friend who still rides said he was blown completely off a country highway, while running at the near the speed limit. He said he just rolled the throttle on hard and road out the spoon drain back onto the bitumen. He was just lucky that there were no trees or barriers there.
  6. Be careful about riding slow. To a certain extent, you need the speed to provide the stability.

    Relax, remember the harder and tighter you hold that any wind gusts will translate into a steering input, making the situation worse.
  7. Hi Scottatron,

    You can't fight nature!

    I find that crouching down will help a little but I still find my self getting moved around a bit!

    Slowing down can help but most of all watch you lane position and allow you self room to compensate for the unpredictable gusts!

  8. I get blasted about on the highway and was looking at getting one of the small screens (my bike's a naked) do they help much with stability ? Also does the extra faing on the GPX help at highway speeds? Or do I just have to wait will I can get off a two twifty ....
  9. relax the grip and try to feel the bike rather than fight it. once you have accomplished this then it becomes a lot easier.

    sorry if that's a bit vague but i can't describe it any other way.
  10. So, kinda become one with the bike? :p

    Thanks for all the replies all, now after seeing the weather for tomorrow....I am considering the cage :oops:
  11. This may seem kind of obvious, but in very windy conditions keep a good lookout for debris on the road. It's not just branches and crap either, I had a length of drain pipe blow off the back of a ute a few years back and was very lucky not to hit it....
  12. Um yeah :grin:

    Hey riding int he wind aint hard just give yourself a bit more time and space is all.
  13. Dont buy a windscreen attached to the handlebars or forks then. They
    tend to turn the steering when hit by the wind, it is bad for stability.

    Basically I agree with the advice above i.e. hang on with your knees,
    keep your arms loose. Be prepared for the bike to move around, that's
    ok, just gently and smoothly steer it back on course.

    Watch out for sudden crosswinds when coming out from the lee side
    (protected side) of a truck, or of a line of trees, or that concrete fencing
    beside freeways. Being aware of the gust means you can plan for it and cope.
  14. i was advised to stick your knee out in the direction of the wind. works if the wind isnt coming at you from directly side on.
  15. I didn't think of that, good point. The one I was looking at does attach to the headlight bucket.

    Thanks Hotcam I think you just saved me some grief and $$$
  16. I didn't think of that, good point. The one I was looking at does attach to the headlight bucket.

    Thanks Hotcam I think you just saved me some grief and $$$
  17. i was riding through city and when irode through and intersection OMG GOD i got blown to the left lane from the right lane, thank god i leaned in as fast as i could and counter steered !! :(

    i must admit i almost popped my self. But i got away with a fart :p

  18. When its windy I tend to stay in the centre of the lane esp. if there is cross winds. If you stay on the one side and the cross wind comes it could blow you onto or into another car.

    I also find crouching down and going faster helps alittle bit.
    Putting weight on the pegs also helps me keep my balance more than just sitting on the bike.