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Tips for putting on a new chain - HELP!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by matti-san, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. Hi all, I am putting a new chain on my bike and although I have searched high and low there seems no definative guide on how to clip the thing togethor. Now I know about replacing sprockets, this has just been done by a mechanic but he did not have a chain. I now have one and am replacing it over the weekend.

    OK it's a Hyosung GT250 easy access etc, the chain I have is 520-MO Gold O Ring chain. It seems to have the rivet type joiner.

    So do I just get a hammer and a piece of metal and bash the rivert top on? :oops:
  2. I have a litle tool :p that crimps the link & mushrooms the head over, then a couple of sharp smacks with a hammer.

    see here, its the one on the right, it was $10 bucks or so.
  3. Funny so do I but not that one!

    Looks like I have to go into some bike shops in the morning. :grin:
  4. So lets say you had a mate :wink: that accidently took an extra one or two links of his chain when he was shortening it. :oops: Can you put extra links on the chain? :grin:
  5. wots wrong with a pair of plyers. pull it off pull it out replace chain. do the opisite its not rocket science.

    If u attempt to do u will find out its pretty simple
  6. Sorry mate not clear [could be me!], I have the chain in two parts now courtesy of a chain breaker. So I think all I need is another joiner like supplied with the chain, add section and reconnect. :?
  7. And for what it's worth... undo old chain but leave on, attach new one to it, turn wheel so old one feeds out but new chain follows through, unlink old chain, link new one onto itself. Got it?
    A friend told me that one. Maybe this was obvious but I thought it was clever.
  8. Yep seems easy but I took off the panel that covers the front sprocket, that was pretty easy as well.
  9. I think old mate is confused and talking about a chain with a clip link.

    You are on the right track. You can stake the master link in many ways - the custom tools just make it a little more easy and reliable.
  10. So I did it! Put an extra 2 links in with a joiner and fantastic result. I picked up a tip from the older bloke at PS CBD spares, he told me to use a G clamp and place a spare plate over the top and compress and the pins just pop through. Made life a lot easier.

    Anyways riding today the bike seems like it has had a major overhaul, quieter and gruntier. Very happy.

    Now on to the clutch cable tonight. :grin: