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Tips for practising Cones & U turns?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by mon_4u2c, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. Just wondering how everyone has practised for the weave cones and 'U' turn? I've heard weaving between the 'tips of car parking lines' is a good judgement of the weave cones? so how can we measure the 'U' turn is that like turning within two parking spots?







    U turn?

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  2. Coke cans or plastic bottles with a little bit of water in the bottom are a cheap way to make little traffic cones.

    That's what I did - there's a carpark near me with dots where the cones would go for the test and I just put cans on each one.
    Same with a u-turn. take a tape measure and mark one out in an empty carpart. cans on the corners and maybe chalk for lines if you want to get fancy!
  3. So would you say the U turn is like two car parking spaces?
  4. Not sure. it's probably close to 2 spaces.
    The ACT test it was 5.5m wide. I think NSW it's 6m.
    find somewhere with roughly 3m wide spaces and you're set :)
  5. Kind of like drinking and riding really. I wouldn't recommend cones b4 doing a u-turn.

    Whoops, I think I misunderstood. :/
  6. where abouts in sydney do you live mate? Down in la perouse/botany someone's spray painted the course on a very quiet road.... there's also one up around olympic park somewhere, not 100% sure where though.

    I go down to the la perouse/botany one most arvo's to practice!
  7. I wish there was one near me i live in bankstown area....
  8. i practiced u turns in me street , was very close to the size they used at the test
  9. I used to go down to a dead end in an industrial area when I was learning.

    Put some sticks, stones and soft drink cans on the road.

    Start with a large u-turn box and make it smaller as you get the hang of it.

    Then pace out your "witches hats" and go through them and bring them closer together.
  10. yeah - ihaveduff and I are PrinceofWales Drive/La Perouse addicts.

    although we keep missing eachother there! hehehe