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Tips for Melbourne to Lake Entrance ride.

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by xcom1, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. I've had my learners and bike for nearly three months now and so far I've only been using the bike to commute to work. I would like to take it for a nice long ride during the holidays any advice/tips you guys can give me?

  2. Tip #1. Don't ride alone :)
  3. Be careful of dèhydration it can sneak up on you.
  4. its a long boring ride down the highway. there are back roads but someone better at google maps than me needs to put them up.
  5. Yes, it's a boring ride down the highway, but for a learner, it may be the safest way to get some long riding time experience.

    Plenty of rest stops and servos on the route, so that's not an issue. As a learner I'd confine the riding to daylight hours. Some sections have issues with wildlife, particularly east of Sale.
  6. It is a long boring road going direct.

    If you have the time and are confident enough I would go up through bright down the falls creek side of the alps to omeo, nice road, spectacular scenery and very little pressure, lots of twisties, surprisingly covered mostly with cell reception. Better to do with someone else. Any time I head to lakes entrance thats the way i go :)
  7. There's NEVER a good reason to ride the A1! :sour: The slab is a destroyer.
    If you value your soul you will take either the South Gippy Highway (A440), or some of the smaller roads to the north or south of the A1. If your keen, you could try the twisties through, Poowong, Dumbalk, Mirboo, Boolarra etc, or even Old Sale Road to Moe, up to Rawson, then Heyfield etc. Take the Bengworden road after Stratford.
  8. The a440 is a nice bit of road, just be careful though when I went on it last week there were an awful lot of potholes (some close to a metre wide) in the road. Most were signed but a few weren't
  9. yeah good call arlennn, i'd be watching for pot holes all the way out there, and popo. potholes and popo.
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  10. A better run is through Kurrumburra and Leongatha to Yarram and eventually Sale, after that its the boring, over policed highway through to Lakes Entrance, it will be chock full of holiday terrorists who's only thought will be on getting their people carrier full of screaming kids to Lake Tittifcukinghaha for the holiday fun or getting home after swearing they would never do it again.

    Have fun and stay safe ......

    I'm moving to Paynesville early January and will ride via Yarram, still boring but less traffic,
  11. The highway route, is dead boring, and if it's your first long ride, you'll probably be aching all over, and fatigued in general. Stay alert!, it's easy to get lethargic and complacent. Maintain the speed limits so cars are'nt climbing all over you and yes...stop regularly for water if you don't have a camelback, stretch out and move around.
    If you overheat, find a macca's or a decent fuel stop for the air con, wet a rag and put it around your neck.
    Go forth and experience the ride.
  12. Hey guys, those advocating the more complicated roads, remember, he's a learner with only 3 month's of probably occasional urban riding. Personally, I think that he should give himself a bit more time in the saddle, doing shorter, out-of-city rides before attempting something like this. And even then, try to get a friend to go with him.
  13. What titus and Niltime suggested, although I wouldn't bother going the Rosedale through to Longford as it's heavily populated with roos. Instead of popping out at Rosedale, I'd continue through the back roads via Heyfield and Maffra and come out at Stratford. Then I'd do as Titus suggested (and the map) and continue on to Bairnsdale via the Bengworden rd. Just my suggestion :D. Have fun and take it easy.
  14. Thx everyone for their suggestions. Here is the route I will be taking most likely this Friday/Saturday, unfortunately I don't really know anyone else that rides so will be riding solo. Will fill you guys in after my ride:)

  15. Ok, stop and walk around if you get tired. Have fun and stay safe. When you get back come and tell us about your trip.
  16. Sadly I've had to postpone my ride:(
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