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tips for melbourne commuting,

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by danoz, Mar 15, 2005.

  1. hi everyone,
    longtime lurker first time poster here,
    ive just moved to melbourne and would like to get the lowdown on freeway travel. i ride from the city to mt waverly along the monash freeway every day.

    how do the cameras work, ive been told they take shots from the front, are we only zapped from the guns and then chased by the police. whats the unofficial speed limit the police will let you travel at before fining you.

    are there fines for travelling in the shoulders when traffic is stopped or creeping, when ive travelled between cars, some move closer together if they see me coming. whats up with the trucks, dont they have a 100 limit.

    why is there often a lane closed in the tunnel when traffic is busy.

    does the freeway get much fog or black ice in the winter.

    whats bike security like when parking around town. is the extra lock necessary.

  2. Yep, they're front facing, but I've been pinged by a copper before with a mobile camera. VicPol are real bastards about speeding.

    Yes, you get fined for using the emergency shoulder/lane, regardless of the traffic. Lane-split instead. For some reason coppers ignore lane-splitters but go hard on people who use emergency and tram-only lanes. Probably cos they're easier to catch ;)

    The closed lane is to lower the flow on to the west gate freeway, which is the major bottleneck in the evening. I think their reasoning is that by spreading the traffic density over a larger area, they can avoid a deadlock. The whole thing's a bloody shambles.

    I haven't had to deal with ice on the roads, but I've only been riding in Melbourne for a year. You do get a bit of fog, though.

    Most bikes I've seen parked in town have a wheel lock, and nothing else. Depends on where you park it, really.
  3. yep lane split, much more fun and the cops do tend to look the other way,
    Ice ?
    only up in the mountains or out towards ballarat / bendigo way

    Security ?
    I've never used more than the steering lock provided on the bike, my theory is if they want it that bad no mater how you lock it they'll take it !!
    so just have it insured :) ,
    its quicker to get one replaced than get it repaired. i made it too difficult to take once up in sydney, and came out to a trashed bike...... not quiet a right off though so 2 mths later i got it back from the shop. :?
  4. The unofficial/official (whatever you want to call it...) allowable overspeed is only 3 km/h in victoria now... it used to be 10% but now they can legally ping u if you do 4 km/h over any speed limit. Pretty strict, but then you've got to consider whether they bother when you're only going a little over...? Who knows!
  5. The fixed cameras will get you, but the cops might show a little discretion. I looked down the barrel of a laser the other day at about 115 (yes, on the CB250) on the freeway, the taxman didn't even put down his doughnut.
  6. Some of the fixed cameras on the Monash catch the rear plate - but easier to spot and slow down in time. Theres one at the top of the hill inbound just before the tunnel. You can spot the 3 lines across the road 30 centimeters apart. The are pressure sensitive and lane specific. There is a rumour that the centre lane is safe for bikes, but I haven't tested that theory.

    From the far side of the tunnel, there are about 6 fixed sites (about 4 in the actual tunnels, so behave!)
    Never heard of black ice on this part of the freeway. Melbourne temps don't get cold enough for permanent ice. Minimums of 2-3 are about the worst I've experienced and that is rare. Things can get a bit hairy when you venture further out of Melbourne though - not an issue for commuting though.
    The Cops blitz the emergency lanes every couple of months so use these at your peril.
    P.S. I hate this road at peak hour!
  7. Very true spectre i think it depends on whether they can be bothered or not! I suppose everyone's speedos are different too... i know when i've driven in different cars going on long trips and going through those 'speedo testers' on the geelong freeway that the speedo can be up to 10km/h out (or the tester) so i'm assuming there's got to be an element of error there!
  8. And knowing riders who have been pinged - these do get you from behind in the tunnels.