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Tips for getting in and out of carparks

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by shan, Jan 4, 2009.

  1. Hi all, first time poster long time reader.

    I've moved into a new building where I have to get through two lots of security, one being a card which has to be inserted into a reader and the other which is a proximity sensor. Anyway, the current process is for me to stop at each of the readers, take the gloves off, unzip the jacket pocket, struggle to get out card, swipe/insert card, and then put back card, rezip and put back on gloves. Normally no prob, can cope with this, however it is slow and has lead to some happy motorists (with their gloveboxes and consoles and other hidey holes for this sort of shizer) getting a bit upset behind me - which can get a bit dodgy.

    Does anyone have any tips for how I can (legally and safely) get through the security a bit quicker?



    BTW, MOST test Thursday... must get off net and practise a few more cone weaves...
  2. Never had this problem on the bike.

    But going skiing the usual thing with the ski pass is to strap it to the outside of your clothing with elastic. That might work for the proximity sensor, but not sure about the swipe.

    You could also get those retractable keychain things (they sell them at officeworks) and clip your card to the inside of a pocket. Easy to find, even with gloves, and when done just release and it retracts back into your pocket.

    Worth a go?
  3. Depending on the distance to the panel you could try a retractable card holder. They are cheap and fairly secure.

    Pic below.

    I have a pocket on the side on my left arm on my bike jacket that I have an RFID card it so I just move my arm past the sensor.

    Or you could try getting a cheap card holder, and put the card in that to make it easier to get out, if its proxy based then it should be fine with a little leather / imitation leather :p between the card and the sensor.

  4. I think the OPs problem is the card he has to insert into the reader more than the card he has to hold up next to the machine.

    No ideas of how to make that easier sorry
  5. Ride around/under the barrier :LOL:
  6. Wait for someone else to insert their card .. then do a 'Mr bean' :LOL:
    Seriously, a retractable card holder pinned to your jacket would work.
  7. That's not as silly as it sounds :)

    There would have to be a "peak hour" of people entering the building/carpark at the latter end of the day? I'm sure your fellow residents would mind less that you enter 'with' them on their card, than keep them waiting while you fish about for your card ...? :grin:
  8. Doing a Mr Bean might prevent you from getting out again. I used to live in a carpark where if you did this the sensor wouldn't open for you to go "out" as you never came back "in". Might pay to check that!
  9. You know it. Found out that one a few weeks ago. Fortunately in my building there are public pay parking spots, so you can just take a ticket on the way in. However I imagine that building management will get pretty annoyed with that after a while... ("There has GOT to be 300 cars in here somewhere...) :LOL:
    The card holder thing may be a goer, but unfortunately the jacket whilst stylish :LOL: is a bit short on practicality. I’ll see how I get on. Thanks all!.
  10. i used to fit in between the two boom gates at work but then the put a bollard in between!

    now i just wait a couple of mins until someone else arrives and then follow them in. not always practical though!
  11. I'm surprised you don't fit around the boom gate, usually they are only big enough to stop a car getting past and to do that it only needs to be half way over the car.
  12. Tie a long bit of material to your zipper and keep the card in that pocket. I can get my carpark pass in and out of my pocket 10 out of 10 times wearing GP Pro gloves because my zipper pockets have a length of 2 inch material hanging off them.