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Tips for free

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Fuzzy, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. If there was just one tip that you would want to pass on to a new rider (or any rider for that matter) what would it be? Some of the best hints and tips I've read on NR have been learned from experience, not through basic training and us humble noobs bow to ur infinite wisdom.

    So what's ur bestie, we could make a book :wink:

    I'll start.... Always wear a helmet :grin: (who said I didn't know nuffin?)

  2. my granny always said, "When in doubt, don't". I guess you can apply that to lots of things, but think about overtaking opportunities, trying to keep up with the fast guys on a group ride, aiming for a gap in traffic.....
  3. Look before you leap - always do your headchecks
  4. My old dad always used to say "It doesn't matter how well YOU ride, it's those other bastards you have to look out for."

    Basically, don't take any situation for granted, don't trust nobody, don't believe indicators, and always wear clean undies ( Cos if they have to cut your pants off you, you don't want everyone to see your 'other' skidmarks...)

  5. Ride to your own ability and develop at your pace, you don't have to keep up with everyone else if you're in a group.
  6. Don't ride tired.
  7. Ride like you're invisible!
  8. Or asleep, Don't ask me how, just go with the flow.
  9. It's easier to ask for forgivness than permission. :wink: :grin:
  10. - Assume any car not in the lane traveling the fastest, will try to merge into it, often without indicating, so watch out!

    - Don't forget you have a fuel tap :p

    - Don't show off. Not showing off is a way to impress people.

    - Take your time when learning, you have the rest of your life, dont rush

    - Taxi drivers are secret bike assassins
  11. buy a naked piece of shit.
  12. {Why "buy" something that's spewed from the mouths of many hotel patrons quite freely?}

    When its just started to rain- Ride gently, and increase your following distance to three seconds!
  13. isn't the distance they teach you in the Courses for L's or P's to have 3 seconds in dry weather?
  14. Good point!

    My mum always says ' He who hesitates, gets in a accident '
  15. Hahah... never trust eratic taxi drivers!
  16. *note: this tip is brought to you by a new rider*

    Ride often, develop your skills and learn new things before you get too comfortable doing what you're currently doing.

    Don't ride only on weekends, you won't learn enough, and eventually you'll be put into a situation you haven't practised for yet, and you'll be effed.

    Don't ride with Loz in 2006.

    Don't ride someone elses bike unless you can pay for it upfront straight away if you bin it.

    Always hydrate yourself.
    Always eat enough before riding

    Never say 'goodbye', instead say 'see you later'

    Wear You Damn Gear! - You'll never quite understand why you didn't when you're lying in hospital with 2 broken ankles and bugger all skin.

    Don't wait for a hit or near miss to put you back in your box and distinguish the cockiness. Know when you're going too fast for your experience and slow down.

    Last but not least! - Don't stress, have fun, enjoy the ride.

    Sorry, you asked for one, didn't you? heh.

    If you're flustered, exhausted, nervous, shakey, stiff, tired, irritated, 'feeling fast', angry, childish, - pull over, take your helmet off, have a drink, and remind yourself how easy it is to fcuk up on a bike compared to a car.
  17. Interesting :-k
  18. Don't go to Sumotos :LOL:
  19. always make sure the side stand is down correctly, park the bike in gear so it cant roll off the stand.

    ask as many questions as you can, other peoples advise will be invaulable
  20. before you ride have insurance on your side
    space - space - space