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Tips for buying LC aerox 70cc kit

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by xbenx, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. im looking at upgrading my standard cylinder to a 70cc. but there are so many on the market from the uk sites. im just not sure what brand i should go with when buying. the local scooter shop neglects to tell me any info for some reason.

    could anyone shed some light on the topic?

  2. I'm fine thanks, and you?
  3. Hey xbenx,

    i think what Duffman is saying is that its probably not polite to walk into a clubhouse and start shooting questions from the hip without saying hello and greeting the locals.

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  6. not much help for your question hey? :p

    A new cylinder kit is a fairly serious mod. Personally I wouldnt do it because you've got to realise that it is a 50cc scooter and basically you are asking too much of it, way more than it was designed to do. The few hundred bucks you spend modding your scoot could pay for the motorbike license and then you could get whatever scooter you want. To me, that is a better way to go.

    However, if you decide on a big bore kit, I would certainly stick to the name brand ones. Companies like Polini and Malossi for cylinder kits and exhausts and Gianelli for exhausts.

    You'd need to find out everything you can about the motor used in your scoot and then speak to those companies and/or their OZ distributors and see what you want.
  7. thats what i was thinking myself.. i had a thought the other night also, if i could find an aerox 100cc engine, if it would bolt straight on.. being the same frame set up and generally the same scooter really.