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Tips for buying dainese jacket

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Julien, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. Guys,

    I really want to buy myself a leather jacket. The Dainese stripes pelle tobacco is the one I want. The problem is I can't afford to pay $850 :(. Have you got any tips to get it for cheaper? Eg: import, sell my existing jacket etc.
  2. maybe save up for it? ask for a discount? they can only say no
  3. Keep checking ebay. I got all my stuff off there.
  4. if you want the logo, you pay for the logo.
  5. Save your money, take cash, go to local dealer. You don't need it RIGHT NOW do you?

    A jacket like that will last you many years, well worth the extra money. :grin:
  6. Did you do a tax return last year? If so, $900 is on it's way in the form of the Rudd bonus.
    Im spending mine on a major service and new tyres :)
  7. Ive been keeping an eye on Dainese stuff on there for a while.

    If you search through International sellers it brings back hundreds of results.

    A guy in Germany who calls himself a Dainese Official Dealer has a load of stuff at decent prices. An Italian guy has less but is cheaper and there are some from Hong Kong that are considerably cheaper.

    I have a mate living in Italy who has been scoping out some internet prices on Dainese jackets for me over there. Saving is around 20% off retail here but once you figure in the inevitable 10% discount from a shop for making such a substantial purchase (stores in Ringwood have given me this , without me asking and spending alot less than $800) and the factor of posting such a heavy item by airmail (unless you wait 6 weeks for it to come by surface mail) then it barely seems worth it.

    Personally I wouldnt buy anything from ebay mailed from Hong Kong , not a chance , more so with safety gear.

    I'll probably end up buying from a store where you know what you are getting. A few hundred bucks saving is somewhat immaterial in the grand scheme of things.
  8. Do exactly what I did when I bough my Alpinestars jacket.

    Go the the local shops, find the exact size and model you want.

    Buy it on the net.

    My jacket was 799 in Australia. And only available in straight black.

    Bought it from ridersdiscount in the states. 390US, plus $25 shipping. At the time, Aussie dollar was better than 90 US cents. But even now it is still worth while. US gear is often half the price.

    I would do it with helmets but then it won't have the AS sticker. Most Shoei or Arai's are half the cost of Australian models.
  9. Thank you very much for your input guys. Much appreciated. Does anyone have any names of reputable online US businesses that ship to Australia?
  10. You'll find plenty no doubt. Just don't whinge about it on here when it's the wrong size or you can't get warranty or everything in Australia is too expensive.

    Seriously just save up & buy it local or in 6 months time you may not HAVE a local bike shop.
  11. No i meant second hand. Its amazing how good quality some of the stuff are. Hardly used etc. Good luck.

  12. These guys are great. http://www.bimoto.be/ I've bought a jacket, boots and pants from them over the past few years. The stuff in there "outlet moto" or "bargin moto" section are older stock and is priced better. They will also assist you with sizing. They are in Brussels so shipping is not the best pricewise.

    Gear from the USA ships cheaper. I've got gear from http://www.motowheels.com/index2.html who are also highly recommended.

    Make sure your order is less than AUD$1000 to avoid import duty.
  13. Hey guys

    I've rung shops around Sydney and it seems that most of them are quite willing to lower the RRP when you ask. The RRP price of the jacket I want is $850 and I've managed to get it down to under $760.

    Does anyone have any idea of what retailers' margin is like on such jackets. That would give me an idea of how much I can try to get them down to. Is there a way to find out the wholesale price?

  14. i've wanted dainese stuff for ages. i can afford it but am content with my stinky dri rider and what have you... mate, be honest, if you can't afford it, you DON"T need it at this time.

  15. i feel bad for the local stores, they get blasted with import duty and GST, and then they have to have their margin. I try to buy all my gear through them, but on a BIG ticket item like a high end jacket, i'm not going to wear that extra money.

    I bought this Icon leather jacket
    Roughly $500 delivered from USA. Saving a good $300.00
    Everything else, helmet, boots, draggins, boots, gloves has been bought locally.
  16. Wow, nice jacket. Where did you buy it from? I spoke to a sales guy from Bikebiz yesterday and he told me that a lot of people used to buy their gear from the USA when the AUD was high (around 90c of a USD) which generated some warranty issues and made a lot of people unhappy. Now that the AUD is only 70c of a USD, am not sure whether it is still worth buying from the USA.

    Has any of you guys had any issues with warranty not applying in Australia for products bought overseas?
  17. Ebay, from a seller called PCMSUPPLY.
    Here is same jacket, but current


    Its now only $100.00 benefit to buy overseas, i wouldnt bother.