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Tips for a new (soon to be) rider in Ballarat, Vic.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by dwainz, Feb 17, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    Was just wondering if there are any Netrider members in the Ballarat, VIC area?

    I'm looking at buying a bike, and I'm pretty set on getting a Honda VT250 Spada (within budget, and I love naked bikes)
    Problem is: Is there anywhere in Ballarat where I can go get service parts, etc for the Spada? I don't mind heading to Melb. for parts etc that I dont need to get all that often, but where the hell do I go for things like oil/air filters, tyres etc?

    Any recomendations? :)

    I know the Spada's are getting on a bit, but I love the look and feel of them (sat on one).
  2. Hi ya Dwainz....

    I am also a Ballarat member.

    Welcome :grin: :grin:

    Don't know much about Spada but the pics look good. I ride a Yamaha Virago.

    Guessing that you will have to deal with Motorcycleland or RPM. Maybe even Geelong (which is a good reason for a ride). I've been told very firmly :evil: :evil: not to go to Baxter Trengrove.

    Congrats and hope to see you on the road soon. :applause: :applause:
  3. you havn't got a bike store in ballarat? i know its a bumkin town, but everyone needs a bike shop!! :shock: :p :p

    ummm.... bits shouldn't be a prob over the net/phone for the most part, there are plenty of places that will post something out for you if you need. and any realatively decent tyre joint should be able to help out with tyres, just chat to them and they should be able to help out....
  4. My Advice for a rider in Ballarat is Watch out for Black Ice and Snow in the winter, I used to Live in Heapburn and got to School in Ballarat, and hit both issues while there
  5. Welcome, Dwainz!
    I don't live in Ballarat. but I do come from there and still visit pretty often.
    As I remember it the Honda dealer is on Howitt St Wendouree. Don't know them by experience, but I'd imagine they could order in anything you need.
    Maybe one of our Ballarat netriders can offer more suggestions :)
  6. I live in Ballarat :grin:. As for motorcycle stores RPM are pretty good at sourcing stuff up - although a few times I've ordered stuff only to find next time I go in they've forgotten about it. Haven't bought anything from the Yamaha/Honda dealer (Motorcycle Land) but their store certainly carries a fairly large range of gear and the service is good - I'm sure they'd be also able to source parts. Finally don't know why justkroozin' has a thing against Baxter Trengrove, I've found him to be exceptionally good at sourcing parts and actually much cheaper than Melbourne stores. I do all my own servicing but a friend of mine takes his bike there on a regular basis and is more than happy with the service and price.
  7. isnt spada stunter from that area?
  8. and judging from his vid he's likely to need HEAPS of spares :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    Just kiddin'.
  9. Me and zxrpilot are from Ballarat.
    There's probly more than 10 spada's in Ballarat, mines probly the most beat up :grin:
    Theres only one place that will service them.
    When you get a bike give me a call 0416 399 805
  10. Thanks Stunter will do..

    The bike's a while off yet - I'm workin 7 days a week at the moment so the fun parts gonna be findin some time to go look at one! Plus the fact that I still need to get my license... :)

    Thanks for the replies guys you're helpin to make my mind up!
  11. Even Kyntone has A bike shop...... yes only one. Multiple marques though

    Spada's are great... i'd love one too.....
  12. i would reccomend a vtr250 or a gtr250 rather then a spada, but hey, spadas are bullet proof
  13. Spadas were an official Honda import for a while (1988?) so a Honda dealer should be able to give you anything you need. They also have a lot in common with the VTR250.
    Listen for any bottom-end knock on start-up. They are an excellent bike- beautiful, but not the Monster apology the VTR is.
  14. Yeah would love the VTR, but the budget's just not gonna stretch :(

    Thanks for the tips everyone your help is much appreciated!
  15. u will like it when u get your knee down 4 the first time. mmmm u know the courner as you turn right coming of little bridge street then left on to sturt street.
    well that left on to sturt is a awesome courner, get ya knee down every time