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Tips and Tricks for navigating this site....

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by PirateQueen, May 6, 2015.

  1. I seem to be not only a bit of a rookie at handling a motorbike but also navigating my way around this site...If anyone has any tips and tricks on how to send people messages it would be greatly appreciated. In my quest for knowledge about all things motorcycle, I have some specific people I would like some specific advice from 8).
    I am sure its staring in the face but hey, I am technologically illiterate.
    Otherwise, thanks and see you on the road.....?

  2. welcome aboard PirateQueenPirateQueen :] I believe you have to have 10 or so posts before you can message someone specific
  3. When can we add a mood.
    As I feel like crap and want everyone to know I am sick.
  4. Cheers Jeffco! I can wait until Saturday ride in that case....weather permitting!
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  5. Click on the mood bar beneath your avatar box rhs of screen and presto, mood choices.
  6. Thanks,

    Does this also have something to do with the level of access etc?
  7. Don't mention ATGATT.

    Or riding too fast.

    Or the war!

    Ok just kidding on the last one!
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  8. Howdy & Welcome to NR!

    As chillibuttonchillibutton mentioned some subjects are touchy, just like Ducatis & Lattes!! :p
  9. Ahhhh yes, Ducati's and lattes, everyones favourite wind up. How does 'wearing a full, pristine race suit into a south side bar while the Ducati is parked on the pavement' go down? ;)
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  10. Welcome to NR PirateQueenPirateQueen . ^^^That doesn't really happen......does it? :D
  11. Ah now that's a secret, Netrider is like Myst, things appear as you conquer new levels. A few posts and a few days and things start to open up to you.
  12. I am sad to say that I have met one such individual in my travels! Some cool points were re-awarded though for the hole ridden, oil covered, Keith Code t-shirt that was worn underneath, for actually being able to ride and for letting me use his compressed air at his factory. But thats a motorbike maintenance tale for another day…..
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  13. Welcome PirateQueenPirateQueen,
    I hope to meet you out in a ride soon.
  14. Is someone ordering Latte's? Doh just a wind up again :-(
    Seriously though welcome to the site PirateQueen, and like getting lost on a ride, it'll take patience and time but you'll find your way around here
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  15. Thanks! Seriously though…..coffee could be good seeing its a monday morning! >:O
  16. Say no more... Enjoy your Monday!!

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  18. I don't know what happened there with replying to your picture Jaytee…. but you get the point.
  19. Here's one I whipped up a little earlier for you :)


    Now back to workin hard... or was that hardly workin!
  20. ^^^ No way.....that is amazing JayteeJaytee :woot: