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Tipping Over!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by OldNotBold, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. Well, still learning about bikes, and had an unfortunate incident the other day...

    While I was away (in the car), I got a call from a mate who lives in the same unit complex as me (and parks his bike next to mine) - they had been knocked over, but we don't really know how or when.

    I got to thinking about: batteries, engine oil, brake fluid, coolant (VTR250 with radiator) etc. - what precautions or checks (in addition to the obvious "is it still full" would fellow netriders suggest, after such a thing happening?

    I don't think they were down for very long, maybe about 15 minutes or so. Not overnight, or anything like that - but who knows?

    I've ridden the bike (carefully!!) since this, and it seems OK, though it was hard to start, which is VERY uncharacteristic. Will see with time if it proves to be a once off, or if starting has indeed become a problem...

    F***in* ars3eh0les!!! I've had it (my first bike) less than a month!

    Ah well, it could be worse, I could have been sitting on it at the time!! [-o<

    And my friend, well his Kawasaki (that he had been rebuilding to original, slowly) was written off!! Can you believe it?!!

  2. slow start would have been because engine got flooded. should only happen the first start after a drop
  3. batteries, engine oil, brake fluid, coolant (VTR250 with radiator) etc. - what precautions or checks (in addition to the obvious "is it still full" would fellow netriders suggest, after such a thing happening?

    Batteries - Generally fully sealed, and if lead acid will still need a little bit of time before they leak
    Eng Oil - Worst case scenario - leaks through the airbox breather and fills it with oil. Worse then worst case scenario - it hydrolocks your cylinders (would need to be sitting for a while, though.)
    Brake Fluid- Sealed system, no worries. Bubbles will only get into the system if the bike's upside down... then you have bigger fish to fry!
    Coolant- Sealed system except for overflow tank - tank may leak depending on angle, causing top coats to go bye-byes.

    Bigger problem- Find the c**t who hit them... :mad:
  4. Bikes are built on the understanding that at some stage or other, they are going to be spending some time horizontal.

    Same with electrical systems, they WILL get wet.....
  5. As the other's said.... A short lay down shouldn't do any damage to the bike other than a few scratches. There should be no ongoing side effects.

    That said, your top priority should be to find the unsavory so and so who knocked the bikes over and stab him through the neck with a hammer. :)
  6. I dropped a mint condition ZZR-250 once. The disappointment and lament lasted eighteen months. :(
  7. Thanks guys,

    Yeah, I kind of suspected what you've all said here - but it is nice to hear it from those who know a shed load more about it than me. I did not start the bike straight away, as I was not around - it was stood up for me by my mate (who's bike was also involved)... But yeah, I guess you'd want to leave it for a while after standing it back up, to let things "drain" to where they should be, then check that it's all still there...

    On another, similar note, tonight I came back to my bike after visiting a mate - and it had moved!! I kid you not. It was on the other side of his car to where I parked it. Do people really think they can help themselves, and manhandle other people's stuff around the place? FFS!! :censored:

    Does this stuff happen to you guys too?! :-s

  8. buy yourself a slingshot or BB gun and sit up a tree or in a building and rain hell on those mother*****

    or just store it somewhere else
  9. Damn that sucks, what a ****.
    A Xena alarmed disc lock might be good for next time
  10. You obviously don't turn your front wheel full left and lock the ignition then... I suggest you start doing that when you park.
  11. hardly a fool proof solution, maybe get some attack gerbils
    You will need to put signs up first... maybe like these ones... Clicky
  12. Drew, I do lock the steering religiously when I park! Which makes me more ah, pissed off about it! :-s

    Now, I'm not in the habit of "stand turning" my bike, but apparently it is possible - if you are careful (!) and know what you're doing. This would make steering locks slightly irrelevant, to those people who know how to do this - do you agree?


    Attack gerbils!! Ha Ha that's a new one on me!! No warnings for these people I reckon. Ahem, "Gerbil, sick balls!!"