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Tip Required : Not running into cars and target fixation

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by egiste, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. I nearly had a major stack this morning due to being distracted while riding. Last time this happened it was more of a case of target fixation while cornering.

    Both times I have managed to look back at the road just in time to avoid a major accident, it is kind of scary to look up and see a car stopped 5 metres in front of you when you are still doing 70. :oops: :oops:

    Does anyone have any tips to avoid either target fixation or distraction caused by super hot joggers in tiny shorts ??
  2. blinkers?? and then tell me where they are. so i can remove them from your sight.

    or if you had your full licences you could offer them a lift?
  3. Yeah, I have one... but you're not gunna like it! (snip snip) :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  4. think about your whole body being able to fit inside those shorts if you hit the car at 70.

    Avoiding target fixation is a constant mental exercise - you need to train it out of yourself. Keep thinking about "where am i going to go if..."

    "what am i going to do if..."

    keep counting gaps and spacing and if you need to look around (eg the hot chick, or finding an address/place or whatnot, give yourself more room to start with, or pull over and then look.

    If you ran up my backside (aside from that also being a failure on my part as well) and then told me you were distracted by tail on the footpath, you'd be in for another world of hurt!
  5. It happens to me all the time riding past the Tan in summer and spring .
    It will be the death of me .

    my suggestion
    Leave earlier , park on the side of the jogging track or Tan , read the newspaper and cop an eyefull then once your satisfied then procede on your way .
  6. ...leave more distance to the car in front egiste... or develop chameleon eyes... one on the road... one on the shorts... :grin:
  7. Stay away from Beach Rd in summer, it's a death trap. :oops: :LOL: :LOL:

    Otherwise it's a matter of focusing your concentration where it should be and constantly reminding yourself to do this. Unfortunatly it's difficult to do when tired but don't worry, the World cup will be over soon. :wink:

    Edit: Also, if you leave it so late that you realise you can't stop in time, STOP LOOKING AT THE CAR and look for a space to run around it.
  8. Naaah...just remove your front brake lever in summer. You'll be so busy staying upright, even the most distracting distraction won't distract. :grin:
  9. I knew the answer to both these questions this morning and the answers weren't good !!

    "what am i going to do if..." = "There is no way round so time for the hardest emergency stop of my life"
    "where am i going to go if..." = "into that car's rear window :shock:".

    I think Glen is on the money, I will just have to leave for work earlier and either stop at the park for "a coffee" on the way, or hope that it is to cold for anyone to be out jogging in tiny shorts. :grin:

    Next time you see a nice looking jogger on the footpath just keep it in mind that there is a chance that you are about to get hit by a ZZR on autopilot.
  10. And there lies your answer.
    Next time you see a pair of shorts think that every red blooded guy in his cage is likely to do something stupid about now, and there is probably a big ugly harly rider who is about to take you out because he isn't watching for the little ZZR... he is watching the shorts.

    And after you scratch his bike (Because he will make sure that you are aware it was your fault) he will feed your ZZR to you rectaly...

    Is that enough motivation to stay focused?
  11. So when you come out on PNUT's ride on Saturday I'll stay away from you when we're going through Lorne or the more pervy parts of the GOR :wink:
  12. If it was purely target fixation, you'd be running into the back of the jogger in the shorts....nice way to introduce yourself :)

    You're getting distracted while riding, not doing target fixation.

    Target fixation is when you focus on an oncoming obstacle, and therefore your bike goes straight at it.

    You need to zen out the outside world a little more while riding.

    BTW, anyone remember the 25th anniversary Stone ride in Sydney? When about 50 bikes went down due to some girls walking past?
  13. I try to keep my eyes moving/scanning and look for any gaps that I have the potential to get into.
  14. [IMG:392:46:9f757e32aa]http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y77/bonox/worthless_thread_wo_pics.gif[/img:9f757e32aa]
  15. speaking of the stone ride (which we weren't) and clasic Aussie movies (which we also weren't) i scored a dvd copy of 'running on empty' cant wait to sit down and watch it this weekend.
  16. This is a common problem! I find that if I leave a much bigger gap in target rich environments, I don't have to concentrate so hard on riding/driving. You can go a little slower than traffic to, this way your gaps will increase, and you might also automatically slow down anyway when purving.
    So, leave a bigger gap and know where all your threats are, and any ways out as well.
    Then you can scan traffic ahead for say 3 seconds, then scope out skirt for 3 seconds, back to road, back to skirt etc. Always leave a 3 second gap plus your scope time, so 6 seconds in the example above.
    I've found this the safest way to cop an eyeful!

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. That's a great movie Woodsy!! One of my favourites, coz I'm really big into classic 50's Chev's (55-57) :cool:

    Got a 57 myself... still a project at the moment but hopefully one day it'll be like the one in 'running on empty' :grin:

    That Stone ride in Sydney, anyone have any links to pics or articles about it?? 50 bikes going down due to some girls walking past should be some sort of record :eek:

  18. Movie night?????????????

    i can bring running on empty
    the Britten story (this is a must see for bike nuts)
    AC/DC live at Donnington park :) well it's a race track
  19. The target fixation was the first instance, when I was entering a long sweeping lefthander along the river and remembering all my tuition, scanned the road, looked right thought the corner and dropped my shoulder in.
    Half way through a beautiful turn my vision of the exit was interupted by the offending jogger in tiny shorts.
    She looked up at me as if something was a bit strange and I realise that I was heading almost straight for her and made a pretty huried correction before continuing on my way.
  20. Why do girls never get the same thing? I never see hot guys jogging or anything like that to be distracted by them... :(

    Best I get is morons in their "oh-so-cool" cars eye-ing me off (presumably thinking I'm male) to see if I can beat them off the lights (the answer is 'yes' 9 times out of 10).