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tip of the day for new riders

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by josh909, Jul 27, 2005.

  1. whilst riding up the expressway towards neutral bay this morning i noticed a guy on a postie drafting behind an 18 wheel semitrailer - i reckon at best he was 2 metres behind the tailgate of the truck at 80km/h :eek:

    i breifly toyed with the idea of trying to signal to him that he was possibly mere minutes away from an impending doom but thought it best not to distract the poor guy :?

    now i'm going to assume he wasn't a new rider (no L or P plate) but for any new riders out there, my tip of the day would be to advise against this ;)
  2. When you're on a postie bike, you have to slipstream to get any kind of speed up ;)

    Seriously though, I used to do it all the time when riding a moped. I reckon it's relatively safe as long as you ride to the right hand side, that way you can escape out to the side if you have to.

    Obviously it's not something I need to do these days... :)
  3. this guy was smack-bang in the middle of the lane :?
  4. Yep, that's asking for trouble :shock:
  5. Maybe he was in training for the up-coming PostieBike Challenge? But with risk-taking like that, he'd be no sure thing of being around in September. Didn't the truck have one of those "If you can't see my mirrors, I can't see you!" stickers on the back??
    Braver man than me!
  6. ....and try to nail the gap between mover and trailer when he right-turns?
    ....or just bounce along the side of the rig ....

    :p :p :p :p
  7. Nah Pete, you just close your eyes and pray :idea:

  8. I guess the next step up for this guy would be to chuck the postie in neutral and just grab a hold of the next passing truck, would improve the fuel economy and top speed of the bike a lot better than drafting. :)
  9. I've ridden naked bikes all my life and I have to admit that on longer tours where there was a lot of freeway riding involved I used to sit behind trucks and slipstream them for a break from the wind. I have to say that 2m away is a bit extreme, I usually find that I could sit a good 4-5m away. The thing to remember is bikes brake better that trucks but at 2m I don't like your chances.
  10. I just got myself a windscreen. Problem mostly solved. Damn it killed the bikes looks though :-(
  11. "if you can touch this while riding, you're too close" :shock: :LOL:
  12. or this....."Unless your a hernia, get off my arse" :LOL: