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Tip: never ride when you're in a bad mood

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Sweeris, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. Tonight, I was in a bad mood coming back from the city. Then I headed back home. In the city I pretty much split/filter at high speeds. Then on the fwy I'd kinda went at 120 through busy cars again.... Split and going through small gaps.. but luckily the cars cleared up half way home on the fwy.

    I got home and started to realilized how dangerous I was riding when I'm in a really bad mood. So just a warning to other riders please dont ride when you're in a bad mood. I know now why the instructor at my course tell us not to ride/drive in a bad mood. Coz we just do stupid things and careless things like what I'd been through tonight...
  2. Also don't ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
    That reminds me!
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  3. an example for you to ponder:

    you don't want to see the pics!

    don't do it again, eh!

  4. was something that was pointed out in our learner training. Not to ride when ya in a bad mood. I'll be fine then. I'm always generally in good spirits. :grin:
  5. I made the decision very early on in my riding "career" that I would never ride if in a bad mood or if my head just wasn't in the right place.

    Also, if I wake up in the morning and think to myself, "Should I take the car or bike?" I take the car. If I need to make a choice, the choice has already been made. Does that make sense???
  6. When im in a bad mood the bike always makes it better!

    Nothing sweeter than going for a burst to clam ya down.
  7. Seriously, not a good idea.

    So many cars written off, so many riders killed while riding/driving angry or pissed off and going out for the purpose of stress relief.
  8. I got for rides when im in a bad mood, it really helps.
  9. First (and last) time I rode in a bad mood I stacked it giving it too much gas on some oil coming out of a roundabout. Its not worth it - if you know you're in that mood MAKE yourself calm down, and if you can't dont ride.
  10. ON the way home theres been parts where I hit a small hump on the road and the front came up :shock: Then on a roundabout on the way home I gave it wayyy too much throtle and the back started to step out.

    When I got home Its one of the first times I kinda felt "ok, I'm alive....." But Im still in quite a bad mood this morning(and rocking up late for work)...
  11. It has been said that one of the worst times to get behind the wheel or on a bike for that matter is just after a breakup.
  12. i dont see the problem with riding when you are pissed off, as long as you exercise self control, and dont be a dick head. not all of us ride for pleasure, some of us ride for nessassity. i ride when heavily fatigued, when im pissed off, when im in pain, when im in a rush, when im hung over (only for for work is this instance), because 99% of the time i dont have a choice.

    each to their own but.
  13. Angry riding can be so much fun! But yeah, make sure you've at least had time to calm down and have some restraint so you're not blindly trusting cars to maintain their positions, or trusting the road to have no gravel/oil etc.

    Depends on what sort of rider you are too. I can generally do with a kick up the bum, so the extra confidence that anger gives me can actually be ok. But for those cocky riders out there, well... you're probably already on the edge and shouldn't push it any more by getting on while you're mad.
  14. I find that to ride when I a foul or Depressed mood (yes I deal with Depression) it is good for me as I have to give total concentration on what I am doing and there fore find myself calming in a a very short space of time. Then again I dont my take my moodout on my Bike though.
    Now a car will be very different as there is a a sense of security in it that a bike just dont have.

    I have been known to take frustrations on on my 4 wheel machines

    I ride around the local coast roads and the calmness arrives arrrhhhh

    My first instructor said to me that to ride in a mood is a good thing if your the sort of person that can put personal safety first. The bike will soothe the soul.

  15. IMHO If you can't control your aggression enough to make sensible decisions even when you're in a bad mood then you're not sensible enough to ride a motorbike in the first place.
  16. There is a difference when your riding in a bad mood and when you're riding Because you're in a bad mood.

    Small difference in wording but differnent thing all together.

    I think in this case you were riding and you were in a bad mood.