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Tip for popping out dents in tank

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by rdkls, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. Haven't tried this but a friend I was talking to has and apparently it worked.
    Thought it sounded like a very smart fix, so sharing.

    Apparently you take the tank off, put coca cola in it and shake, the gas pressure can pop out dents.
    Come to think of it, if you needed something stronger you could also try baking soda & vinegar, which produces heaps of co2 (would be much stronger)
    Could be interesting when job's done and you go to open it!
  2. .... or maybe it might just turn your fuel filler cap into a projectile :p
  3. Would heavily depend on the size of the dent... and motorcycle tanks have an "outer" tank and the "inner" tank - At least am led to believe this by the crimping round filler caps... can't find a bisected tank on the net.
  4. Really? Outer and inner eh?

    Where do they hide the inner one? :LOL:
  5. Cool tip, although I'd remove any lines to the bike and completely flush it several times afterwards...coke and fuel systems sounds like a baaaad mix. Can you spell corrosive? :grin:

    Anywho, the 'skins' depend on the bike. My Aprilia has a plastic inner and outer tank, while my Suzuki has a single-layer metal tank. I wouldn't worry much about it - if you stack you'll have other things on your mind.

    Cheers - boingk
  6. Couldn't be any worse then putting NOS energy drink in the tank
  7. Or you could just progressively add air pressure to the tank, using a compressor, which would be capable of much greater pressure than coke shaken up, and would be controlled. If you need more than 120 psi, which most compressors can reach, then the dint isn't going to be fixed with this method anyway.

    Coke has lots of sugar in it. Sugar in fuel leads to severe damage to cylinder bores, as the sugar comes out of solution during ignition, and the resulting crystals then act like sand in your engine.

    That is a very dumb suggestion. Your friend was pulling your leg.

    By the way, for minor dints, which would be the only ones this method would work for, it is possible to simply use a very strong suction cup on the outer shell, and pull the dint out, as long as the paint is in good condition. In some cases this can result in a repair without the need even to polish the surface, let alone repaint.
  8. Be carful. It any internal pressure could flaten the tunnel rather than pop a dent. So you will end up with a kind a flying saucer tank.
  9. I reckon dry-ice would work a treat.
    I actually put some into a plastic bottle and left it inside an old fridge as an experiment. Wanted to know how effective it was at keeping thinks cold.
    It worked pretty good.. exploded after an hr or so, sent the fridge door flying and reshaped the fridge into what looked like a pregnant robot :p
  10. some people use dry ice and a heatgun, the idea being you can shrink the metal around the dent and heat the dent to expand. I guess its 50/50 if it pulls out, or doubles in. :p
  11. Unless you added mentos.

    Doesn't sound like an idea that I would try myself, however...
  12. Pffft, sif pop out a dent - fully dent in the tank, rip the fairings off and stunt that mofo :)
  13. based on this theory, if you shook a coke bottle enough it would blow up into a perfectly round shape would it??

    I've had a few dents taken out of the car by a paintless dent removal company. They use suction cups and sometimes a rod behind the dent.

    Im not sure pouring coke into your fuel tank would be the smartest idea no matter how much you cleaned it afterwards. Sounds urban myth.
  14. Of course not. Don't be silly.
  15. how does a panel beater/smash repairer do it anyway? lokks like it would be a tough job to get right.

    anyone have any experience?
  16. Few differnt methods:

    1. fill it full of bog
    2. Fill it full of solder
    3. Drill a hole in it and pull it
    4. Dentless (suction)
    5. cut the bottom out of the tank and beat it out
    6. buy a new tank.
  17. 7. Throw a glove over it
    8. Dent it more and call it aerodynamics/custom tank
  18. I think the idea is nonsense, but since it can cost over $600 to remove a dent and repaint a road-bike tank, I can understand why there are alternative ideas around.