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Tip: Check your oil with the bike cold?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by Mr Owl PhD, Mar 1, 2016.

  1. It's so much easier, no burned fingers, no trying to read the oil as it creeps up the hot dipstick, and much more accurate.

    Step 1. First ascertain the manufacturers recommended way to check the oil. Say for example they may say first level the bike then warm the bike for 3 minutes then let it sit for three minutes then don't screw in the dipstick just place it. Whatever is right for your bike do what they recommend, then top it up to the maximum so now you know it's perfectly correct.

    Step 2. Leave the bike overnight, then check it again in the morning. Note where the level is. It could be higher or lower or much higher or much lower depending on whether it's on it's side stand or centre stand, but it really doesn't matter because the difference between the full mark and where it is now, is the new level for checking the bike cold. I'd prefer to leave it on the centre stand myself, but I see no reason that the side stand can't be used unless you can't get a reading.

    On my bike there's barely any difference between what it reads when done the recommended way and what it is cold. The type of oil will also make a difference but as long as all the parameters stay the same there's no reason why all your oil checks cannot be done easily and quickly and accurately on a cold bike.

  2. The only dipstick on my bike is the one on the seat.
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  3. This is not going to work for a lot of bikes. My Honda CB500X does not have a dipstick, but a viewing window which often shows no oil when it is cold even when the oil level is at its maximum. You need to run the engine for the oil to appear in the viewing window.
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  4. Agree and have suggested this before in other threads where people have asked about checking.

    On my bike the difference between the hot and cold level is about a quarter of the sight glass.
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