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tiny tanks - long rides

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by lil_clair, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. looking for first bike and planning long long trips.

    i want a virago 250 for long distance comfort - but 9 litre tank! i'll be screwed in remote areas of Oz. other option is suzuki gs500f with a 20 litre tank, but will it be comfy after riding 4,500kms (if anything can b comfy after that distance)?

    kinda have heart set on cruiser tho - is there another cruiser option (thats not too$$) and is L legal? have looked around and all seem to have similar or marginally bigger tanks. Eliminator for eg. carrying extra fuel is probably crzy?
    ta in advance

  2. With cruisers style tends to come before practical things like usable tank capacity. And as far as comfort goes the upright riding position of a GS500 is probably going to be a lot more comfortable over long distances than a cruiser. Even more so if you go for the GS500F.
  3. Clair, you will get at least 30km to a litre on a Virago.
    I don't know the distances between stops, but a little jerry can is easy enough to strap on the back if need be.
  4. The gs500f would be great. With its large tank and it sipping the fuel it would be good on long trips.

    Other than looks what do you like about 250cc cruisers? The Virago 250 is pretty slow I think there are some LAMS approved cruisers up to 650cc? They would be a much better buy than a 250cc cruiser.
  5. GS500F would be perfect for what you want to do. Much better than the virago imo.
  6. +1
    You have LAMS available to you, get a bigger capacity with a bigger tank.
  7. clair, you'll be stopping every couple of hours for a stretch anyway.
    If you can manage the size of the GS it will be a much better bike to develop skills on.
  8. I loved my Virago, but the one long trip I took it on was murder.
    The bike will sit on 110kph all day long.
    Screaming and wailing.
    Practically redline.
    I didn't enjoy the utter lack of power associated with that speed, I overtook several trucks that were sitting on 100kph and it felt like I was sitting next to them for 5 minutes at a time.
    The Virago is an awesome beginners bike, fantastic for commuting and a lot of fun in the hills (will keep up with litre sports bikes if ridden correctly) but it is not a long distance vehicle.
    Just my two cents.
  9. And then you woke up :shock:
  10. Oh you are sooo nasty, let them dream.

    To the topic starter, don't buy the virago. The 500 sounds a better bet.
  11. They call me sparks cos I don't mind grinding the pegs.
    You'd be surprised what a weight advantage and no fear will do for you.
  12. Added, I see you live at two places. For the B/Hill end you only have 190klms to Wilcannia and even then there is Little Topar between. Odds are you won't need more than 200-250klms per tank at worst even across the Nullarbor and if you do carry a few litres.
  13. thanks alot 4 yr 2c everyone. i spose thats that then. gs. i'll buy you all a beer when i finally make it to an NR ride. :beer: (really!)
    maybe i'll buy a triumph cruiser when im rich (HA! im a musician, i doubt that).

    i spose the only other thing i was worried about was doing the P's test on a bigger bike, but if i practice my gutz out it'll be easy.

    if only i had bigger boobs, the price haggling would be so much easier. [-o<
  14. Sorry mate but there is NO way a 250 Virago can stay with a litre bike with a half decent rider on it through mountain twisties. Maybe if the other can't ride for shite. Not knocking you but its not real.
  15. What Davo says... +1

    There are 250's that will push a larger bike through downhill twisties. A virago is definitely not one of them.

    Anyway, you can tour on anything. It doesn't matter what the capacity is - although some bikes need a little nore planning than others. Having toured on an RD350 Yammie with a range of 150k when pushed hard, I can vouch for that. :roll:

    If you have a choice though - go for the 500. It will be a LOT more comfortable at the end of the day and your arse will be very grateful. :LOL:
  16. ah, little topar :)

    i read somewhere that the virago could only do 150km on a tank, but obviously that was wrong. i was thinkin of heading up to darwin and wasnt sure about the distances up there. but you know what, i mustve been drinking too much coz all those distances are under 200kms. i was probably thinking that a virago couldnt do 200.

    coming down the middle from Coober Pedy to Glendambo seems to be the biggest distance at 367kms. thats probably ok with a 20lt tank.
  17. pic of said boobs for proof of lack of negotiation skills :D :D

    the bigger bike will be alot easier. less stress on the bike, more room for you to move around on once your arse starts going numb.. and alot more useable power to overtake when you need. im not sure if they fit in your range/allowed to ride, but maybe even have a look at the new suzuki gsx650f or whatever it is.. you can ride them away for 10K apparently, and it would be a very capable machine.
  18. +1 for GS500F... but if you really want a cruiser, Yamaha XSV650 is LAMS legal, has 15l tank which should give about 200-250kms range depending on how you ride it. You could probably get close to 300km (5l/100kms) if you were really gentle and steady.
    For a less conventional take on the cruiser style, there is also Hyosung GV650 Aquila (16l tank, so range should be similar) which I'm pretty sure can be bought in LAMS-restricted form, then de-restricted once you have your full licence. Either of these, being 650cc would be a lot more suitable for long trips. They would both be somewhat more expensive than the Virago though.
  19. To be honest I don't take a lot of notice as I have bigger range than that. I have done all those roads some many times.

    Coober Peddy to Glendambo is only 255klms, did that when I did Darwin to Port Augusta April 2007 http://www.davojones.com/bbg2500k2.htm
  20. Clair, I get 270 minimum out of my tank fully loaded with saddlebags and tanks bag, and I am not a skinny lass. The Virago sits on 120 with me and all my luggage quite easily. Have done lots of 600km+ days on her no trouble. At the end of the day what you get is up to you, but I can't complain about my little beast, its been everything I wanted it to be for the last 2 years(60,000kms), not to mention cheap tyres, services, rego and insurance too.