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Tiny serving overseas

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by motormouse, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    My brother Tiny is serving overseas in East Timor and I want to send him a parcel of necessities from home. I thought it would be fun for him if you post him a message so I can print it off and send them (no internet there). For those of you who remember him (or don’t) feel free to post messages/jokes to share with his mates etc…. If you’re feeling extra keen and want his address to send him something, PM me for details. It should take about three weeks to get there and I know he’ll need cheering up by then, I’m hoping this will help!


  2. Hey Tiny,

    Don't know ya, but I'm proud of you guys & the service you provide for
    your country & other communities abroad.

    Stay safe brother & God Bless.

  3. Hi Tiny,

    I assume you're called Tiny because you're probably 10 foot like Tess :p
    (I know its a big exeaggeration, but coming from someone whos only 156cms, its the land of the giants!)

    Anyway, ive never met you but really admire you for serving your country! You and your mates should be extremely proud! Dont worry, Tess is her usual naughty self (oops, i meant her usual good self) and we promise we'll look after her :p

    Take Care of yourself and do us proud!!!!

  4. Hey Jasper, I hope you are behaving yourself over there. Good to see some chicki babes in the back ground of the pic that Tess posted ;)
    We rooooolllllyyyy rrrroooooooooollllyyyyyyyyy hope to see you in April. You should have gotten your invite in the mail by now :grin:
    We miss your cheeky grin and laughter at HQ :(
    Hope to see you soon :grin: