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Tiny nail, slooow leak

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Bravus, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. Got a very small (1 mm or so in diameter) nail in my back tyre. It will drop the pressure from 32 (which I'd been running in the back until someone at Maximum Suzuki forum suggested 36 is preferred) to say 25 over 4 or 5 days.

    Obviously it's not safe to leave it like that in case I forget to top it up, and because the pressure is rarely going to be optimal, but it's so slow I wonder whether they'd have trouble plugging it, or have to make the hole bigger.

    So, suggestions? I'm worried that if I pull the nail out the tyre will go down quickly and then I'll have to trailer the bike to the tyre shop or pull the back wheel off. But I guess in a way it's equally likely that the hole might close up with the nail out of it.

    Or should I just suck it up and get the plug done and be sure?

    Or would one of those otherwise 'orrible solutions where you squirt some goo inside the tyre be a reasonable solution in this instance?
  2. Don't think the hole will close up as you're losing pressure

    IMHO, only debate is new tyre or fix.

    Save some cash and take the wheel off and mushroom plug
  3. Get the plug done.
  4. Weigh up the cost of the repair with how long you expect the tyre to last. If there's not much tread left, it's probably easier to change it "early".
  5. Don't use the goo in a can stuff - it's not a proper repair and it will piss the guy at the tyre shop off immensely when you finally take it in to get plugged.

    It's not expensive ($20-30 from memory) - so just take it in and get it repaired if you can't do it yourself.
  6. :shock:
    Er, no.
  7. So it's not like an anus then? ;)

    Yeah, $25 at my local - with plenty of tread left on the tyre.

    Will get the repair done tomorrow.
  8. In many ways it's exactly like an anus. Do with that knowledge what you will.
  9. 'shroomified
  10. Is that the tyre or your anus? :p :p
  11. Mate post up what the bike feels like with 36psi in the tyres compared to what you were running. It should feel much sharper now. 36 is correct.

    I picked up a nail and the tyre was down to 22psi before realising it, but I sure could feel the difference. ($30 for my internal plug)
  12. Yeah, it does feel better, though see my new thread on 'getting my bike back' in this forum to understand why I haven't been able to get a true sense of it.
  13. Get tyre and rim insurance! cost is $365 over 3 years and if u get a nail in ya tread just hammer a few more in and take ya bike to ur nearest dealer and they will replace ya tyre with a brand spanking new one :wink: no excess fees or anything, its a freee tyre! :grin:
  14. tell me more? who provides this? my avons are magnetic.
  15. Swan insurance should be able to help u out :wink: