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Tinting a winscreen question

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Arik, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. Hey groovers.
    I want to tint my windscreen on the cheap - has anyone tried spray painting the back surface of a screen to tint it?

    Apparently automotive tint won't go on a plastic screen as the plastic 'outgasses' - meaning the tint won't last. I reckon there'd be problems getting the tint to go around curves too.

    I'm wondering if you could paint the back surface of the screen - perhaps even with that ghetto "blacked out indicators" paint - you get it from hobby shops and it allows some light thru whilst tinting the surface black (No I don't own a silvia).

    I don't really need to 'see thru' the screen so it doesn't matter if it's opaque - I'd just like it to be blekker.

    anyone done this/heard of this/thought of this?

  2. It's probably polycarbonate, if so good luck getting anything to stick to it. You would have to abrade the crap out of the surface to get any adhesion at all, and that would look really daggy from the front. Just buy an aftermarket tinted screen, they're not exxy.
  3. i did a number background for my daughters bike years ago.
    Clear polycarbonate and sprayed the back metalic purple, looked Okish for what it was.
  4. Whats a number background?
    Did you have to prep the surface at all - and how did the paint last?

  5. number background = the square bit on the front of a dirt bike where they stick the race numbers on.

    sold the bike to a mate as far as i know it's still ok about 8 years after i did it.

    Cant remember how i preped it, probably wiped it down with prepsol or something, may be fine (very fine) wet and dry.

    do some experimenting, use an old CD case or something, not polycarbonate i know but you'll get some idea af waht finished product will look like.
  6. good idea woodsy - I'll have a go with the inside of an old scuffed up visor (think they're polycarbonate).
  7. not a problem m8, i'm full of good ideas and bullshit lol :)
  8. I paint the interior of my RC cars shells. They are a very flexable plastic and I don't have any problems when I use the proper RC body paint. Comes in pressure packs and cans, I reckon it'd work. You can get some really good effects by layering colours etc. My last one was a white background with a bright blue speckle effect. Looked really good and considering how abused the RC cars get, it has lasted well. When painting on the inside just remember to place your colours backwards :wink: Can be embarrassing otherwise :LOL:
  9. Good one Doggy, i'd forgoten about them, (may be i'll get the dodge viper out on the weekend) they are Lexan (polycarbonate), I believe the Tamiya spray pack paints have some sort of solvent that etches the plastic.
  10. Yep tamiya RC paint would work. I remember that they were bloody expensive for such little cans :p. But they did leave a nice finish although my last lot weren't Tamiya and I can't remember the brand as my son pulled the labels off :roll: