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Tinted visors

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by The Predecessor, Feb 17, 2007.

  1. Would be interesting to here some feedback from some people who have a tinted visor... any problems with seeing properly at night etc...?

  2. In Victoria, as in most states I'm sure, it's illegal to wear a tinted visor at night and commonsense would suggest that ANYTHING that reduces light into the helmet will reduce visibility.

    I use a tinted visor during the day and swear by it. Can't seem to get sunnies to sit right in my helmet and then always forget to take them off first when I take my helmet off :grin:
  3. Is it ? :?
  4. No tinted visor has the Standards sticker on them so technically speaking there illegal any time on public roads....its just one of them rules that the cops tend to leave alone :shock:
  5. OMG I just checked mine & youre right :shock: no label !!! Seems silly to be able to order & get supply etc when in theory not meant to used :roll: ahhh but sure beats squinting at the sun, traffic glare or struggling for a comfy fit with the sunnies :p
  6. Mine has a sticker that says "visor not approved, for racing use only"
  7. Yes it is illegal to wear a tinted visor at night.

    Great during the day (although mine could be a little darker for me) but a real nightmare at night. Ive been caught out having the tinted visor on just after dusk and its VERY hard to see, and you cant have it up on the freeway with all the bugs flying about at that time either.

    Mine has "If tinted, for day time use only" etched into it. Also no Aust standards sticker to be seen anywhere.

  8. After being caught in heavy rain and unexpectedly riding home at night i now wear a pair of clear safty glasses so i can have the visor up.
    I also have a tinted pair for when i have the clear visor on.

    I chose the Nullarbor ones as the arms are nice and this and soft so they fit under the helmet
    Quality strength protection in a stylish wrap around look, with a scratch resistant lens. The polycarbonate scratch resistant sidearms and lenses offer 100% UV protection with wide vision and built in side impact protection.

    Product Number : 229207C Clear Lens
    Product Number : 229207S Smoke Lens
  9. hmmm, wish the plod could apply the same to lane filtering.