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Tinted Visors

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Bravus, Aug 22, 2006.

  1. (this may be an old one that's been thrashed to death - if so, just point me to the thread!)

    Just wondering about the pros and cons of tinted visors, prompted by the number of times I plan to get home before dark (particularly in winter) but get caught up at work and just don't make it... (well, and on the ride last Saturday)

    I kinda think maybe just wearing some sunnies behind a clear visor might give me more options - can take the sunnies off if darkness catches me short, and I also have the option if it's slow going of riding with the visor up to sniff the breeze and hear the engine without getting a bug in the eye.

    I guess if I ended up with a tinted visor I'd likely need multiple helmets, with a separate clear-visored one for night riding... and if I got caught out I might have to ride home with the visor open...

    Experiences? Ideas? Comments? Flames? ;)
  2. i think most helmets these days have quick change visors... a couple of minutes max and there done.

    of course you do need to carry an extra visor with you.
  3. From my experience they are nigh on impossible to ride with at night. I took a friends CBR out the other night with his tinted visor, and I had to ride with it up and with tears streaming out of my eyes the whole way.
    When I get my new helmet in the next couple of weeks I'll be getting a spare clear visor to switch over to at night time. Most visors these come with a sort of quick release/swap system.
  4. yeah, depends on helmet, it takes me 20secs max to swap it over with my shoei.

    in winter i always wear the clear visor, as it gets too dark when coming home from work. in summer i generally always have the crome tinted visor on.

    i must say, i actually prefer riding with the clear visor, though the tinted visor looks more badass/gangsta, so it wins the arguement, :p

    but it does suck when u get stuck at nite with a tinted visor on, it makes it very hard to see. espically if it is cold (helmet fog) or raining
  5. I wish they made visors that changed tint and colour by the amount of light available in the envioronment, a guy at work has glasses that do that very same thing, goes outside in the sun, they get darker, goes back inside they get lighter.
  6. I ride with my tinted visor at night, haven't had a problem. The only time it's even close to bad is when you're in dimly lit back streets. That's not something I do a lot of, courtesy of living in town.
  7. it also depends on what tinting one you have also. when i had my hjc helmet the tinting was not as good as the shoei one, was alot lighter and rubbed off abit over time.
  8. It's easy enough to carry a spare visor with you. They fit neaty into most tank bags, you can even get special carry pouches to carry them on your hip whilst riding. I always have a spare visor with me.
  9. I have a tinted visor which is very dark so if Im going to be out after dark I always take my clear visor with me. Got caught out once, not a good situation to be in. Had to ride home with the visor open.

    I have a Shark helmet which takes about 1 min to change visors.

    Tried the sunnies thing but found it too hard to get them on with helmet on.
  10. +1

    My mate uses a Shoei tinted visor and it's not too bad. I have a Shark helmet and my tinted visor is almost too dark. Even on sunny days.
    As soon as you get into any shady, forest type area, you loose the ability to pick wet patches on the road etc... so I'm not always really happy with it, and at times will resort to "bug muncher" mode just to get a clear picture of where i'm going.

    Needless to say, I'm generally heading home well before the streetlights come on as a result.

    Having said that, in the right conditions, it is awesome for cutting down glare! But there are big differences between the brands. Just like sunglasses I guess??
  11. No tint.

    I wear glasses, and perscription sunnies are a pain in the arse, so I've been living/driving for years without sunnies.

    Sometimes you can see me riding along... one hand steering... one hand shielding my eyes from the sun :p
  12. I wear a Nolan, easy on ond off to swap visors and I carry which ever visor is not fitted to the helmet. I found the best thing to keep them in without going out to buy a visor bag is the leg of a pair of stocking, (preferable with your wife or girlfriend not in them)

    This time of year unless I am going out late I keep the dark visor on most of the time.
  13. I picked up a pair of "oversunnies" from the anti cancer council shop, but I have seen them in the safety wear shops.

    Wouldn't be seen dead walking the street in them, but they are handy on the bike..they are poloroid so everythings a little funky purplish when you pull your visor down, but $40 well spent. and they fit under your seat
  14. Nolan N102 - clear visor with a sun shade you can flip up when not required.


    EDIT: Do a search for Smith sunnies - I got interchangeable lenses on mine and they are excellent at night when wearing the Orange lenses - can ride up to 110kmh with no visor
  15. 1st helmet had a tinted visor, impossible to ride in at night. second helmet had a aridium (spelt right?) visor as with my new one.

    i ride to work at 2pm, ride home at 10pm+. personally i dont have a problem riding with my new visor, it's a silver aridium one, mirrored. i ride every day with this visor and always have with the other ones in all conditions and have to say the silver ariium is the best. (might also be to the R6 having nice bright headlights). the helmet matters also, my new helmet has all these wind protectors on it and riding with the visor up wind is not directed at your eyes.

    the only problem with dark tinted visors is getting caught in the rain at night, as you cant see with it up or down.

    the new helmet is a shark one, has under chin wind protector (best idea ever) and also a nose gaurd that deflects wind from your eyes. i think its a XL1000? not sure what its called. i can ride with the visor slightly open to prevent fogging up and never get a tear in the eye. or a bug for that matter.
  16. Try doing it all the time </wry>
    I have prescription glasses and can't see diddly squat without them. I DID have the clip-on sunnies to go with them (they're the Convertibles. Glasses with magnets so you can clip on sunnies), but I lost the sunnies bit at my 21st. And I only had the party at dad's place!


    And I work from 8am to 4:30pm, which are the worst times for this, at this time of year.

    Still, it's better than starting at 5:30am and riding in the black with the roos. The upside to it is that ALL the traffic lights are in your favour and you can get there in 15-20 minutes as opposed to the usual 30.
  17. Been riding around with a black dark tint 24/7 since I busted the clear one right off my helmet in a crash.

    if in doubt i just squint... :mad:
    then i look silly and still can't see.

    but seriously... I'd prefer clear over tint if you mainly commute, and if you want glare reduction just whack on a pair of sunnies underneath.
  18. If my memory serves me correctly, whilst at a Bikemart shopping night, I believe I saw a Fog City insert that has a "transition" function that darkens with higher light intensities.
  19. Maybe their prices are prohibitive.
  20. I have a Shoei phrenology.
    As a result, it take seconds for a visor change and I have three different types of tinted visors: high definition orange-yellow for low light conditions (can look a little psychedelic prespective under city lights), dark tint for bright days and iridium for going highly bling and incognito. :cool: