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Tinted Visors

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by En, Nov 23, 2005.

  1. hey,
    i have a clear visor at the moment and coming into the sunnier months i have been having to wear sunnies fairly frequently and are sometimes annoying - which leads me to my question. obviously tinted visors are good at keeping the sun out (looking at one of the metalic ones) but does it effect your vision at night at all? cause i do a bit of night riding and am wondering if the tinted visor would reduce your vision at night too much?

  2. great for sunny days.. little bit ordinary on dull days or when riding through the roads surrounded by trees.. definately a no no for night time riding..
  3. Hopeless for night riding (iridium lens), esp if there is no street lighting.
    Was caught out once & had to ride home slower with visor open hoping
    I wouldnt catch any bugs :LOL:

    With my tinted lens, its marginally better
  4. definitely, its the same as wearing your sunnies at night

    when vision is so crucial to your safety, any reduction is too much

    i got a blue iridium, never use it at night, but fan-bloody-tastic during the day! i love it!
  5. Too true Livingstone. :twisted:
    I've never ridden during day without having at least a tinted visor on.
  6. Definite vote for atleast a tinted visor.

    Your likely to get caught occasionally in the dark with the tinted.. and to be honest it's not as bad as everyone is making out... but it's definitely not something you want to do on a regular basis. If you even think you MIGHT be out approaching the dusk hours then definitely throw in the clear visor aswell.
  7. Mate i have got caught out once and it was bloody terrible. You must have better eye sight maybe.. i better make sure my glasses are working. :D :D
  8. I have no where to keep the clear one on me
  9. Good thread. I've been having same thoughts about getting a tinted visor but always grappled with the hassles of night riding.

    How easy is it supposed to be to be able to switch your visors around? I mean mine has been a pain in the arse since I bought it (AGV Synchro bought new last year).

    If I push the visor all the way down, then to open it back up i gotta use both hands... one to hold the helmet, the other to push the visor back up! Surely that ain't right?? If it wasn't for this trouble, I'd have bought tinted for daytime riding and just whack on the clear one for night (or so the theory goes)
  10. Tank bag or camel-bak are my two usual hiding places.
    If i'm going out for a long day ride i usually take the camelbak with me for a drink... so don't mind sticking the visor in that.

    Yeah, i've got pretty decent night time eye sight... and i usually only get stuck in the dark for the freeway stints home so it's not too bad; single direction traffic and moderate lighting.
  11. Get a pair of $5 safety glasses at Bunnings, and whack them under the seat. If you get caught out at night with teh tinted, just keep it up and put on the safety glasses :)
  12. m8 i have mild to medium tint visor and it is ok at night when the lighting is good would not get iridium tint they mark very easy and are had to keep clean.
  13. Good idea :idea:

    Never thought of that before
  14. They do mark ezy, but its a wicked look u cant beat.

    I use normal glass cleaner. Works fine & easy to clean.
    I keep a small rag in my bike for when I'm out & use it
    to do a kwik clean up if needed, using spit :LOL:
  15. I always have a tinted Visor, and the other night I nearly didn't see Three kangaroos, so now I put a clear visor in the lining of my jacket it is not for every one but I find it works.
  16. I bought one years ago and they are no good at night. With the days getting longer there is less chance of getting caught in the dark.
  17. I have the 'night rider' model, its got all sorts of data printouts which come on the screen like in terminator, also got infrared and built in radar detector.
  18. the el cheapo saftey glasses under the seat is a great idea .... as you only get caught once in the dark with a tinted visor .... it sux
  19. I think the best option is to have a clear visor in your bag in case you get caught...

    Interestingly there is a alot of controversy over iridium visors out there. Some guys I talk to reckon they are a waste of money and will not last, but then i talked to a guy at the expo who has a Shoei iridium, the tint is on the inside so he's not wiping it for bugs.

    He reckoned it was the best thing he's ever worn and its not an issue re the iridium wearing off.

    I guess you get what you pay for? I'll be buying with the tint on the inside.