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Tinted Visors

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Rossco, Feb 23, 2005.

  1. I've got a Shoei XR1000 helmet that came standard with a clear visor - problem is that on sunny days it can be too bright. I can't wear sunnies as I need to wear prescription glasses. Apart from getting prescription sunnies, I was looking at tinted visors. Seems to be either dark tint or Iridium coating (like Oakleys?). Anyone have experience of using these? Do they make viewing the road a problem on cloudy/overcast days? Are they worth $80-100?

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. I have an XR1000 and dont find the sun too bad with it. Can you wear contacts with normal sunnies? Its the cheaper and safer option, otherwise you have to change your visor on dark days or night riding.
  3. I've used Shoei tinted visors (not Iridium though) extensively.

    Always loved them. No problem on an overcast day and very effective in bright sun.

    Not a big fan of using them at night though, although I've got away with it a few times. They're not bad on a well lit street at night, but in a dark street, you really need to flip it up.

    Sunnies work well too - if you don't want to be stuck with tinted glass, but I find the tint a little more comfortable.

    Well worth the cost IMHO.
  4. the grey tint visors do reduce glare and brightness, i also found them to be fine city riding at night. The Iridium visors i have no experience with but have only heard bad reports about
  5. some helmets let you have tinted inserts, which clip in and out of place with you clear visor, then fold away into a pocket. Check and see if your helmet is one of the ones what do that.

    That cost is about right. I've worn my tinted visor at night and it can help with glare from headlights, but seeing detail on the side of the road is no good. If you have glasses on then it would be easy to ride with the tinted visor up if you needed to.
  6. Shabby

    Apart from making you look like you have stepped off an outer moon from Uranus, what bad reports have you heard?
  7. I have a grey (not iridium) tinted visor which I find great for sunny days, but if it's really bright I find that it helps to wear sunnies as well (if I happen to be wearing my contacts). If I happen to be wearing glasses, though, the tinted visor still cuts a lot of the glare but, as already mentioned, you will need to change back to the clear visor if riding in badly lit areas after dark.
  8. I also wear prescription glasses, but I have the transition lenses that go dark when out in the sun. Behind the clear visor they only go about 50% of their full colour, due to the reduced ultraviolet getting through.

    Works OK for me, but I wouldn't mind a tinted strip right at the top of the clear visor.

  9. I have an iridium visor on my arai, and during the day it is great even on overcast days, though as mentioned above, if it's really bright, I wear my sunnies too, since they are lighter than the normal tinted visors.

    Only problem I have is that they look manky if they are dirty (fingerprints and bugs, etc) and that they scratch pretty easily, so you have to be ├╝bercareful with them.
  10. I use a tinted visor so I don't have to wear sunnies. Although, on rare occassions I have worn sunnies with the tinted visor. I like my tinted visor but if I'm going on a multi day tour, I carry my clear visor. Nothing worse than getting caught in the country with a tinted visor only...I learn't that through experience.

    I tried an iridium visor. I didn't like. I found it behaved a bit like a mirror. I was looking at myself as I was riding which is very annoying.
  11. yeah i've got an iridium for my x-lite and i'll go along with every point there except for the needing sunnies on bright days. i find my visor is fine on bright days
  12. I also wear glasses. I bought clip on sunglasses that attach to my actual glass frames. You can get these custom made at most glass places for about $120 (whcih guarantees they will match your glasses perfectly, including colour etc), or you can buy their pre-fabricated ones for about $60. I was fortunate because one of the pre-fab ones that a local optomotrist had were a perfect match for my regular glasses.

  13. I wear prescription glasses; I also have a pair of prescription sunglasses that I wear when riding (clear visor).

    You can get your optometrist to make prescription lenses to fit any decent sunglasses; in my case they're RayBans with the same colour tint as the non-prescription versions. Although they're getting old and hacked about, so I should really update to a newer pair.

    Swapping between tinted/non-tinted glasses has to be easier than swapping between tinted/non-tinted visors.
  14. What I ususally do at night is flip up my tinted visor and pop on some wrap around *TOTALLY CLEAR* glasses that block almost all of the wind to my eyeballs, so I can see at night. I keep the clear lenses in the little change thing on my left fairing, so they are always on my bike, and I never have to worry about being caught out without eye protection, and I always wear my tinted visor.

    It is ok for fast riding, but the noise gets to be a problem if you do a long fast ride at night. I end up with sore ears after about an hour with my visor up.
  15. what type of safety glasses are they dude?

    i have some but cant really use them for anything faster than 70k's as they dry my eyes out :(
  16. I use safety glases bought from Bunnings @ $15 a pair. Scratch and impact resistant. Amber for night and overcast, Tinted for sun.
  17. A couple of weeks after i got my Shoei X-Tec with the clear vison (at the start of summer) i went and got the dark tinted visor for it. I think i ended up paying just under $80 (Action Motorcycles, Melbourne) for it... which was good compared to Peter Stevens RRP.

    By default these days i use the tinted visor, and no qualms with it at all. I find that for my runs through the hills on a weekend my eyes are no longer sore or fatigued at the end of the day (primary reason i got it). I found that especially through the trees the constant flickering of glare was playing havoc with my eyes and as such messing with my focus & concentration.

    On occasion i get stuck with using the tinted visor at night and dont have much of a problem with it. For a short stint home from a late night at the office i'll just ride with it up. If im freeway-ing at night with it then i usually flip it down if im above 80km/h.

    Overall... definitely worth the money; as they look spiffy aswell.
    BTW, the iridium ones tend to scratch up comparitively quickly (not to mention cost more)... hence why i decided to opt for the plain smoke.
  18. I ride with an iridium visor day and night and have no trouble seeing anything.
  19. Thanks for all the advice guys - think I'll go with the dark tinted visor - I never thought the iridium ones would be so easily scratched (and they're about $50 more). :D
  20. Ha, I ride with one of those during the day only!! I cannot see anything at night in one of those. :roll: