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Tinted Visors

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by standrewscross, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. I put this in the learner area as I searched but couldn't come up with a definitive answer so I thought I would see what other noobs are doing.

    I got a tinted visor with my Shoei XR1100 but didn't wear it because someone told me is was illegal. With the weather turning I have been using it for sunny rides and find it far better than wearing sunnies.

    When I started investigating it seems to be illegal but not really anything some gets pulled up on. Can anyone shed some light on the subject because mine says for daytime use only but no stamp or compliance sticker.

    I have driven past 3 cops in the last 3 days riding including a motorcycle cop monitoring Arden Street in North Melbounre and he did nothing but give me a nod as I drove past.

    Is there an answer or has any of the new riders been picked up for it?
  2. Tinted visors dont meet the standards rating for just that reason - its tinted.
    Thats why you will never get a tinted visor with an australian standards sticker on it.

    Scroll down and look at the list of related threads. This question has been asked heaps of times. Im pretty sure you will find your answer there (even if not as definitive as you would like).

    edit: I always use a tinted visor with a pair of clear fuglies under it for when its getting dark ;) (or i need some airflow :p).
  3. Not something the cops care about at least. If u can get an approved open face helmet I don't see the problem (for as long as you've got a kevlar beard)
  4. I'm pretty sure my tinted visor has the aust approved sticker on it:?
  5. I've never heard of anyone getting pulled up for it as long as you're not wearing it at night.

    My Shoei XR1100 came with a dark tinted visor as well and I've never had an issue.
  6. I did some research into this way back to find out the if it was legal or not.
    My conclusion was that it is not illegal to use, it is just not approved.
    In reality if you wanted to you can ride around without a visor on a full faced helmet (but who the hell would do that.

    The only thing you should be worried about is if you get caught out till late and have no clear visor for the night riding. It sucks!
  7. I'll have to look up the references, but my understanding is this:

    - You can have a helmet without a visor
    - If you have a visor, it must be compliant (AS 1609) and MUST have the sticker
    - A visor without a sticker (whether it used to have one or not) is non compliant
    - A helmet with a non-compliant visor fitted is deemed non-compliant
    - It is illegal to wear a non-compliant helmet.

    I'm reasonably sure it is stipulated in 1698, but I didn't find a free, full, up to date version of it with my 2min google session.
    (Some partial references here: http://www.saiglobal.com/PDFTemp/Previews/OSH/as/as1000/1600/1698-2006.pdf)

    If they wanted to, they could get you. Fortunately, most coppers tend to use common sense on that one because it's not illegal to wear sunnies under a compliant visor!!
  8. Someone whose visor is buggered and whose local shop wants a ridiculous price for a visor that they won't have in for six weeks (and then get the wrong one). This is Australia, folks, so you can't assume that a replacement anything will be available off the shelf for a fair price.

    Not many options in the circumstances if you want to keep riding.
  9. I'd have to check but I'm pretty sure the tinted visors I have all have an australian standards sticker on them.
  10. My daughters helmet (KBC) has no sticker on the dark visor..but the AS is stamped into the visor itself..what's the difference?
  11. I should of mentioned that my research was NSW specific. Nothing in the guides said that it must be 1609 approved. That was 2 years ago however and quite possibly the laws have changed.

    Should wait for Motolegion to chime in as he would have the most knowledge with this at the moment.

    **link to riders handbook rta**
    page 26 at the top. "Should" is not a must. Trying to track down the other links I had.
  12. Hmm, never once seen a tinted one with the standards sticker. The reason it doesnt meet the standards is its tinted. Most are exactly the same material as the clear.... just tinted!
    Curious to know for sure if you can get AS approved tinted ones though, as that kinda ruins the reason for excuse for the rest of them not to be.
  13. pretty sure motolegion's trying to get his tinted visors AS approved.
    as for the OP, my clear is AS stamped but my iridium and tint visors aren't, and i ride past cops all the time (with iridium visor on), they don't seem to care much. i see plenty of bike cops with dark tint visors, would be hypocritical if they pinned me for mine
  14. I checked my dark blue tinted visor. Def has the Aust sticker on it.
  15. Probably every second rider up here has a tinted visor. I think having less glare would definately be a better safety measure regardless of whether the visor has the sticker or not.
  16. You would be extremely unlucky to get pinged for it. For starters most cops wouldn't know unless they were riders themselves. If it is illiegal there would be a traffic infringement for it and I'm not sure there is. I guess if there is no specific one you could be done for something like 'obstruct view'.
  17. The visors that are tinted and iridium have passed the tests as clear visors =- there is no issue with safety

    however the tint and iridium process cuts down on luminance trasmitance which for those items must be at least 50% - and the type and colour of the tint must meet AS1607

    Personally I think it is silly

    you are allowed to drive/ride with sunglasses no matter how dark or reflective they are

    however having said that

    The visor is an integral part of the helmet and as such being illegal ( correct me if I am wrong ) to use a full face helmet without the visor or goggles in moto x helmets it has to be able to accommodate for night riding

    then again - what about the open face harley type helmets - they are certified without a visor
  18. I was also looking into this, but more on the side of wether i should import it from the states or buy one locally...
    $45 visor it is!!
  19. Sweeties, lets play a new game called "Spot the Clear Visor"


    Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  20. guy at back in white helmet in front of number 74

    also 95,52,64 and 9