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Tinted visors

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by jonesaus, May 15, 2009.

  1. Hi,

    I bought a tinted visor today only to realise when I got home it doesn’t comply with the Australian standards, and is therefore illegal to wear.

    Apparently all tinted visors are illegal, does anyone know of one that isn’t?

    I think I’ll use it anyways, but has anyone else here been fined for using one?

  2. As to legality, I don't know. I never have used one, cos I have prescription Polaroids.
  3. Why are they illegal?
  4. I have a tinted visor and a clear one as well. I always carry the clear one in case I have to ride at night (but I've got heaps of storage space so it isn't a problem).

    Seems to me that the only way you'd be nabbed for having a tinted visor is if you were riding at night with one on. It's pretty clear when you buy a tinted visor that they shouldn't be used at night.
  5. That was my view. Then I found this on the Vic Roads Web page.:

  6. The most obvious limitation is that AS 1609 (visor/protective eyewear standard) requires that a visor have >75% transmissivity. Most tinted visors would be too excessively tinted to comply.

    I have seen lightly-tinted visors which probably would comply with the standard, but where's the fun in using those? ;)

    That said, I doubt a police officer would pull you up for using a tinted visor unless it were getting dark or if it were raining. NSW police use blue Iridium ('mirror' finish) tinted visors during the day, for example.
  7. Having a tinted visor makes an awesome excuse if you wanna leave somewhere to go home at sunset.. ;)
  8. Yup, the AS is the stumbling block.

    For the sake of reference, my Shoei tinted (iridium) visor is VESC-8 and Z87.1 compliant, both of which are US standards. The VESC (Vehicle Equipment Safety Commission) 8 was enacted in 1971 and ammended in 1980. It defines an Eye Protection Device as tinted if it transmits not less than 25% - over 85% transmission is defined as clear. So it's potentially well below the AS1609 requirement.

    http://www.vesc.org/Media/VESC V-8 Minimum Requirements for Motorcyclists' Eye Protection.pdf

    That said, I use it when I'm riding in bright sunlight - I reckon it's safer than squinting or the peripheral obstruction that sunnies causes. Have never been pulled over for it or questioned about it when stopped for an RBT.
  9. Just wear it .
  10. bloody oath.

    all I care about is whether its as strong against impacts as the clear visor.

    I can decide for myself whether I can see out of it properly
  11. i'd like to hear from anyone who has received a fine for wearing a non-complying tinted visor, during daylight hours. i really doubt it has ever occured.

    riding with tinted at night is another matter. at the moment, i jsut ride with it up if i cget caught out after dark. its too cold for all the flying bugs, so no worries about getting them in the eyes. summer/warm nights is a bugger though :(
  12. + 1 although with my riding this time of year I have put the clear back on.
    I also reckon if I know I'll be "pushing it" I ride better with the clear visor and polarised sunnies. Might be something to do with colour blindness I don't know.
  13. I have never understood that it is illegal to ride with a tinted visor, but legal to ride with sunnies on. I feel that a tinted visor is safer as it is one less thing that can move around inside the helmet and injure you somehow.

    Does not make sense to me.

    I have one, and use it a lot.
  14. Who cares just use whatever visor u find comfy :) i use tinted daytime and night time, cant be f#$ked changing it over to clear everyday :LOL:
  15. I have said this in a previous post about the same topic, there is nothing in the rules and regulations that state you have to use a compliant visor. (that is for NSW)

    In fact according to the rules you dont even have to wear a visor on a closed face helmet if you dont want to, but obviously it makes sense to if you want to stop the crap on the road from hitting your face.

    Just use what you want, tinted or sunglasses & clear during the day and clear at night.
  16. your all a bunch of law abiding spanks!!!!! HTFU the lot of ya! Its ur life ur safety, ride with what u feel comfy riding with, its ur life! not the governments :cool:
  17. Pfff.

    Not a single comment in this thread so far has said "OMFG wear an approved visor!" :p
  18. point taken :wink: Just wish people would stop being gran's about it all :LOL:
  19. ive decided to wear it anyways, just going to carry my clear with me if i think im going to be out till dark.

    its good that no-one hear has been fined for it, i figured it would be one of those things they get you on just cause the have had a shitty day :p

  20. It isn't going to happen during the day because it isn't illegal. Only at night.