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Tinted Visors/Sunglasses/Glare

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Brento, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, after almost going blind this morning on the old pac due to the glare from the sun I've decided I need to get something to stop me going blind.

    I'm buying a new helmet in the next few days and just trying to work out whether a tinted visor will be good enough to stop the glare or whether I'd be better off with a Clear Visor/Sunglasses combination or if there's some other good glare protection out there that can be fitted to a helmet after I buy it.

    P.S If sunglasses are the go anyone know a good comfortable brand?


  2. any sunnies will probably do the job, try some servo sunnies on with your lid on next time your get some fuel... you might find some that fit...
  3. Loving my dark tinted visor. Oakley Five Squared's are a great backup if using the clear visor though, slim to the face and not too rigid.
  4. I've found glare to significantly reduced with both my tinted and iridium visors on my TZ-X. That'd be my first preference, I used to ride with sunglasses underneath and only found them uncomfortable after spending a bit of time on the road.

    The sole benefit to sunglasses over the visor is the simplicity of removing your sunnies when it gets dark!

    Edit: I will add that reflection in direct sunlight using the iridium visor can be annoying but not particularly impairing, that said I really only ride with it for the look.
  5. Glasses for me.

    I don't want to change visor, and I certainly don't want to be caught without a clear visor at night.

    Otherwise, wear a baseball cap :)
  6. For glare, a pair of polarised sunnies is perfect. I have Fuglies, but generally most poloarised sunnies will do. As for direct sunlight, just stick a couple of strips of black electrical tape across the top of your clear or tinted visor so it acts like the sun visor in a car.

    Tinted visors & sunnies help, but nothing much stops the direct friggin sun blinding you!
  7. As mentioned in this thread, what about a helmet with a separate, retractable sun visor? Several brands available (Shark Evoline, nolan N43, Zeus ZS-3000A, Shoei Neotec, Scorpion, Suomy etc.)
  8. Cheers guys ill see how the tinted visor goes and if I need something a bit better ill look at getting some sunnies/sun max.
  9. I find that on wintersun type dappled roads ie riding thro an avenue of trees with the sun trying to peer thro the gaps that sunnies give wierd mind numbing reflections off the inside of the clear visor so I use a very dark t tinted visor , this means that I always have to carry a clear JIC it gets dark before I get home ..

    BTW my visor is porbably not Kosher as it has NO As sticker or kite mark . Who gives a sh1t at least I wont get blinded by the sun and run out of road.