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Tinted Visors questions?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by dags99, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    apologies for what may be dumb questions but I thought I'd ask anyway. ok...here I go...

    (1) do tinted visors help against sunburn?
    (2) for full face helmet are visors interchangeable? I have a GDR FF996 (believe it or not an Aldi special :notworthy: ) and I can't seem to find a suitable tinted visor online.

    (3) so I have been thinking to buy a new helmet (more mainstream perhaps) and I have come across an open face helmet (RXT Metro). I like the look but concerned I am going to get even more sunburned than I am now!!

    Anyway, just a few dumb questions. Love to hear any feedback/tips as I am now regularly commuting on my bike to work via free ways and would like to be more comfortable.

    Thanks in advance,
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    apology accepted.

    1. <racist comments removed>

    2. you could try. but no. you need make/model specific visors obviously. so no.

    3. not my problem.
  3. 1. Not sure about sunburn - haven't been burnt on the face while wearing a helmet and have ridden in 40+ deg heat around country Vic.
    2. Helmets change so often, that if you buy one, buy a tinted visor (to suit) at the same time. I've just bought a new helmet with a drop-down visor built in - flick a switch forward on the top while riding - easy ! If you're in Melbourne - try AMX out Keillor Rd way - bit less costly out there.
    You can get transitional visors to suit some high-end helmets - an extra $180 on top of helmet price. Not sure what they're like - those helmets are a bit out of my price range atm.
  4. Hi dags.
    Here's Sunsmarts take on sunglasses. A visor would probably need to be similar.
    Full face helmets have fittings to each helmet (maybe one manufacturer differs from another, so some might be interchangeable), but helmets are various shapes and sizes. So don't count on compatibility.
    For open face helmets, see above for visor
    I have found that you would have to be riding into the sun when it is strongest to get burnt, late Arvo or early morning sun shouldn't be an issue. A little sunblock on your nose will do the trick.
  5. SUNBURN - I've got a gold iridium visor that I generally wear during daylight hours (my eyes are a little sensitive to glare). I've noticed that while I get sunburnt on my neck fairly often, my face stays fine - i think that's a tick for the sunburn protection.

    VISORS - Nope. I doubt very much you'll be able to find a tinted visor for your Aldi helmet, let alone a replacement clear visor you could have tinted.

    OTHER OPTIONS - Definitely get another helmet. Remember don't buy what the most expensive is, just because it is and gives you the thought that it's the best. Get the one that fits the best, feels snug, not too tight and won't give you headaches. In 99% of cases, the best fitting helmet is the safest. On that note, while i'm a stickler for ATGATT, please get a full-face helmet :)
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  6. If I'm putting my life at risk by riding a motorbike, why would I care about sunburn?

    I'm a redhead and I find no sunburn with tinted visors.
  7. 1.Tinted visors do help against sunburn, but I also use sunblock just to be safe, including on my neck, more comfortable than sunburn.
    2.You won't find a visor from another manufactuer to fit your helmet, but you might find one from the same manufacturer on Fleabay (ebay).
    3. If you like that hemet, sunblock is pretty cheap, just have to remember to put it on.
  8. Try sunscreen?
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  9. hi all. and thanks for all your responses.
    To close this out, I found out that there is no UV tint visor for the helmet.
    Hence sunnies and sunblock cream for the immediate term.
    I'll invest in a decent helmet (full face) with UV tinted visor after my P's test.

    Thanks again all ;-)
  10. I have never gotten sunburned with my tinted visor and I am so pale I am almost see-through (Irish skin). Just wear sunscreen if you are worried.

    I found a tinted visor cheap on ebay for my helmet (KBC, few years old now). If you can, get one that will go with a pinlock screen as they are awesome. Because I got it from the USA it does not meet the Australian standards but the standards it does meet seem equivalent.

    They're not necessarily interchangeable, some are though but only within brands it would seem. You'll need to get one to match your helmet most likely.

    I LOVE my tinted visor so if I got another helmet I'd check it had a tinted visor + pinlock available first.
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    Never had sunburn in 25 yers riding :) .

    Just FYI if you get stopped by the cops at night with a tinted visor you may get a fine :(
  12. i have made several queries about tinted visors. i have to admit though the helmets in question were at the BOTTOM end of the price sprectrum.

    the tinted visors/helmets in question, when i checked the label, it DIDNT have the Australian Standards rating that sunglasses must have. Even the dealer personal could not find a tinted visor with australian standards sticker on it.

    its a bit like buying those 10.00 glasses in asian countries. they look great but provide no protection from UV.

    i recon the ones the cops use that are tinted, would have ASA rating on them, but they are top end helmets.
  13. I don't think any tinted visor has AS on them.

  14. That is completely correct.

    No tinted visors will have the AS sticker.

  15. well based on that......there are a shit load of guys out there riding, and exposing their eyes to UV without any protection.

  16. Probably right, yes.

    A rider should always wear eye protection under their visor IMO. At night, I wear clear anti-fog safety glasses (cos they're cheap and I can't justify expensive clears).

    During the day, I wear photosensitive driving glasses.

    My night (clear) visor has a "protectint" pinlock installed. My day (tinted) visor has a clear anti-fog pinlock installed. The right visor and glasses are the front line of your safety gear, and are realistically quite cheap.
  17. Just because it doesn't have AS sticker, doesn't mean it doesn't have UV protection. I asked Shark about my tinted drop down visor which doesn't have AS sticker either and they said it does have UV protection.
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    Actually that's not correct (and I don't see what the point in your post is).

    The AS 1609 is not the same as helmets.

    1609 refers to eye protection for motorcycle visors and race car drivers.

    It is not an AS for UV protection, nor is there any provision inside the standard for UV protection. Connecting UV protection to the AS for visors is completely and utterly redundant.


    Ergo, visors without AS 1609 can definitely have UV protection. Much like visors WITH 1609 might NOT have UV protection.
  19. I have a clear and a tinted visor for my helmet. I carry the clear with me if I think it may get dark before I get home. I wear Clear glasses with UV protection for eye protection. So far I have found that I don't get sunburn through my tinted visor, but unless I use sunscreen, I do bet burnt through my clear visor which is AS approved.
  20. Stop looking up at the sun, son.
    I have a tinted visor on my Rhok and my HJC has a built in drop down tinted half visor, never had a sun problem with either.
    But hey I'm old and leathery and the sun has long given up trying to burn me, you may be a different kettle of fish, if in doubt, slip, slop, slap.