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Tinted visors at night.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Matchstick01, Feb 24, 2007.

  1. Hey guys.

    Just a friendly reminder that tinted visors aren't for night time use. I've been seeing more and more people with them on at night. Last night at Krispy Kremes a guy riding with a tinted visor rode between two poles not seeing there was a heavy duty chain between them and had quite a spectacular crash. Both his side fairings were in about 50 peices and the front end was shocking. He had to get a crow bar thingo to lever things out of place just so he could steer it. To top it off, when he left to go home, at the other end of the car park, yups, he did it again. Not as bad the second time though luckily. I know its a barsted to have to change visors all the time, but really, it aint safe for them at night.



  2. Once: foolish
    Twice: plain stupid

    Having said this, it's like wearing sunnies inside. How else are you supposed to look cool? :grin:
  3. + 1
  4. fcuk, how embarrassing would that be!

    I thought i had it bad when i stacked me pushy the other day!

  5. Yeh the crapark was filled with fully siiiiick c*nts s yeh it woulda been. you'd think he'd learn his lesson the first time. When he left the secon time we could see it happening again and screamed outt but it was too late ](*,)
  6. at least he had the visor to cover his face..
  7. LOL for someone to do it more than once is stupidity!

    Thanks for the advice ! :LOL:

    Yeah KK's at livo fully sick people hang there :p :LOL: :wink:

    I dont hahaha been there a few times to get maccas or kk's thats it dont hang around there not that friendly ...
  8. Actually you'd be suprised, i'm there pretty often and know a few different groups of people that meet there, bikes and cars. Most of them are like bikers, they are pretty nice. Just a group of people there who share a common interest. I've never seen anyone fighting there or trying to cause any trouble, and generally i can walk up to any of them even if i haven't met them before n they'll talk to me.

  9. I like Mouth's suggestion. Safety goggles in your boot - just flip up ur tinted visor and wear the goggles. Look like a 'tard, but you can see, right? ;)

    That said, I'm lucky enough to have decent headlights on my bike. :p
  10. now this would have been a sight to see!

    was he atleast wearing all the gear?
  11. i saw the wonders of wearing a tinted visor at night last year....
    nice sparks sketchie!
  12. :rofl:

    Pure gold! :LOL:
  13. I use a tinted visor at night and it makes no difference at all!

    Probably 'cause I perfected riding with my eyes closed and asleep anyway :rofl: :rofl:
  14. +1 Jeff. Lost my clear visor months ago. :wink:

    At night I usually just lift up the visor & pop my yellow lens biker glasses on.
  15. I gave up carrying a spare clear visor years ago, easier to always keep the dark visor on and carry specs.

  16. That was piss funny...especially to the tune of the "Beverly Hillbilly's"

    And they even got his face in the pics

    That's Gold
  17. Oxford make a great visor clip-on thingemabob.. that goes around your waiste.. I've had it for a few weeks now and its very very handy.. especially since I'm always later than I'd expected and almost always get caught out with needing a clear visor to swap. For only 16 bucks it was a bargain.. and you dont even notice its on your hips, even through the twisties.. very innovative :)
  18. Do you have a link by any chance?
  19. The guy must be a Corey Hart fan....

    Beware :LOL: